‘Married at First Sight’ LEAK: Taylor Dunklin Was a Replacement – Not Brandon Reid’s Real Match?

Married at First Sight leaks show current cast member Taylor Dunklin was allegedly added last minute to film the new season with Brandon Reid. A major selling point for MAFS is their extensive matching process. Dr Pepper Schwartz talked exclusively with Soap Dirt about the “depth of research” they rely on when matching singles.

Based on the latest leaks, it looks like Married at First Sight production may have dropped the ball with Taylor.

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin a Last Minute Addition?

Weeks ago, Soap Dirt pulled up and reported the annulment request Brandon Reid filed with the circuit court.  While Brandon asked the court for an annulment, he stated that he would also settle for an absolute divorce from his Married at First Sight wife Taylor Dunklin as an alternative.

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Usually, even if Lifetime couples have issues, they wait until the Decision Day episode airs before filing the papers to end their marriage. But, this wasn’t the case for Brandon Reid. A source spilled to us that the weddings this season took place in late Summer 2019. So, it looks like they were together in real-time for less than six months.

The latest tea from a Married at First Sight fan account says two other brides-to-be backed out at the last minute. So, it looks like production brought Taylor Dunklin to fill in. Some Married at First Sight watchers think Brandon Reid and match Taylor Dunklin seem awkward together on the show. Some MAFS fans attribute that to early jitters. But, it could also be from Taylor becoming a last minute replacement.

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MAFS: Taylor and Brandon Reid – Not a Great Match?

There are a lot of alleged holes in Taylor Dunklin’s backstory. A big part of the MAFS process is vetting potential marriage hopefuls before they’re ever in front of a camera. Dr Pepper revealed they [Married at First Sight producers] check things like economic history and employment “more carefully now”. But, that may not be the case with Taylor Dunklin.

Married at First Sight tea from a groomsman at their wedding alleges she has a suspended license, couch surfs and lives with her mom, and isn’t a scientist. In addition, it looks like she’s not pursuing her Master’s or PhD if the leak is to be believed.

Dr Pepper Schwartz told Soap Dirt that people lying about their background to get on the show is something that is a problem and they have to watch for. But with time running out, did production not fully investigate Taylor Dunklin the same way they would another candidate?

Married at First Sight: Drama Ahead for Brandon and His New Bride

Married at First Sight spoilers tease drama ahead for Taylor Dunklin and husband Brandon Reid this season. But, if the couple were not a good match to begin with, drama between them certainly makes sense. With a lot of controversial cast members throughout MAFS‘ history, many fans wonder if production casts these people intentionally to bring controversy and keep watchers tuning in. However, this Lifetime reality show seems to hold itself to a higher standard than most reality TV shows.

Be sure to catch the next episode of Married at First Sight, Wednesday night on the Lifetime network.

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