The 3 Messiest ‘Love After Lockup’ Couples – Scott & Lizzie and More

Love After Lockup relationships are about as messy as they come from Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes, among others. But, considering one-half of the couples start out in prison, what can you expect?

But, we narrowed down the three messiest LAL couples to “grace” our TV screens. We’ve got love triangles, on-and-off-again relationships, and complete trainwrecks. Keep scrolling for the cream of the crop of chaotic Love After Lockup couples.

#1 Megan, Michael Simmons, and Sarah on Love After Lockup

Does it get any messier than a love triangle? This relationship was as messy as a soap opera. Especially because one of the three served time in prison when their love bloomed. While Michael Simmons was behind bars, he began his Love After Lockup relationship with Megan and eventually proposed to her over the phone.

But he was still married to Sarah Simmons, with whom he shares two daughters. Yet, Megan wasn’t worried about Michael’s supposed “ex” because he told her he only wanted her. Little did Megan know, the former inmate still pursued his relationship with Sarah. Although, he told both of them that he loved them exclusively.

In fact, Megan had no idea he married Sarah while behind bars. Eventually, the two women sat down and fought it out while Sarah was pregnant with their second kid. At the end of the last season of Love After Lockup, both women appeared done with Michael Simmons’ antics.

#2 Tracie Wagaman & Clint Brady

Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman married only a day after meeting face to face for the first time. Tracie was fresh out of prison and they married in a bar the very next day. Not long after, Tracie was high on mother effing crack and took off with Clint’s car.

But it wasn’t enough to deter Clint from their Love After Lockup romance. Since then, the couple been off and on with lots of relationship hiccups. Police arrested both Clint and Tracie in August 2019 for drug related charges.

Then, Tracie ditched rehab and fought with her mother-in-law Alice. Not to mention, she was recently selling a bunch of their stuff for unknown reasons. Tracie and Clint will be a featured couple in Life After Lockup‘s second season premiering January 3.

#3 Lizzie Kommes & Scott Davey – Love After Lockup’s Ill-Fated Duo

One of the messiest couples must be Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey from Love After Lockup‘s first season. They met on a prison penpal website and he fell in love. Lizzie Kommes served more than a decade in prison.

Meanwhile, Scott Davey sent her thousands of dollars which Lizzie said fueled her prison drug habit. Fans called out Lizzie Kommes for taking advantage of Scott Davey and using him. In season one, she expected her release at the end of filming.

But, she got in trouble for hiding drugs and a phone. Once the parole board let Lizzie Kommes out into the real world, Scott Davey continued to treat her like a queen, despite disapproval from practically everyone in their lives.

Eventually, Lizzie dumped Scott who started dating another woman named Jasmine. Even now, the drama between Scott Davey and his ex Lizzie Kommes rages during their many Instagram wars. So, they’re definitely one of the messiest of the LAL couples ever.

Life After Lockup premieres January 3 at 9/8c on WE tv.

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