Life After Lockup: Scott Comes Clean About Addiction After Lizzie Demands Drug Test

Life After Lockup stars Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey may have reached the breaking point in their relationship. The couple had a heated argument which led to an unexpected confession. Emotions definitely ran high for Lizzie and Scott. Will their romance survive? Or is it really game over this time?

Life After Lockup: Ex-Convict Lizzie Kommes Agrees To Take Drug Test If Scott Davey Takes It Too

On this week’s episode of Love After Lockup, Lizzie Kommes continued to be dismayed with Sharlean living with Scott Davey. Lizzie, the convicted felon, made it very clear that she’s still uncomfortable about the two sharing a house together despite them claiming they’re merely friends. Meanwhile, Sharlean admitted that she still doesn’t trust Lizz. Her doubts prompted her to get drug test kits.

Initially, Sharlean wanted Lizzie to take a drug test so that Scott can see that he cannot trust her. On Life After Lockup, the ex-con agreed to it under one condition — Scott must take one too.

Apparently, Lizzie felt like Scott has been hiding something from her. “I’ve been suspicious of Scott using so [he] needs to prove he’s clean as well”.

Lizzie’s Test Came Out Negative on Life After Lockup

To prove that Sharlean’s accusations are false, Lizzie Kommes took the drug test. The Life After Lockup celeb appeared confident that she’ll be able to prove Scott Davey’s friend wrong once and for all. “I agree to take Sharlean’s stupid little drug test because I have nothing to hide,” she said.

True enough, Lizzie’s drug test came out negative. Sharlean acknowledged the fact that Lizzie is, in fact, clean. However, nothing has prepared her for what she’s about to learn about Scott.

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Life After Lockup: Scott Struggles With Drug Test

When it’s time for Scott Davey to take the test, he suddenly had difficulty to pee. The Life After Lockup star seemed nervous as he stalled time inside the bathroom with Lizzie Kommes.

Lizzie was not having any of his excuses. “There’s two ways out of this,” she firmly said. “The one way is to just tell me the truth. The other way is to take the test”.

Scott Confesses Drug Addiction – Begs Lizzie For Help

Left with no choice, Scott Davey came clean about the truth and confirmed Lizzie Kommes suspicions all along. “I have a problem,” he admitted. “I keep going on and off,” Scott added, referring to drug abuse.

On Life After Lockup, Scott goes on to confess that years ago, he got hooked with methamphetamine and heroin. Things got even worse when Lizz left him. Now, he is hoping to change for the better and he’s relying on Lizzie’s help.

The Life After Lockup reality star literally begged his girlfriend to help him overcome his addiction and just be there for him. He even reminded her that he was there when Lizzie suffered the same fate.

“I can’t go on like this, I don’t want to lose you,” Scott pleaded. “I need somebody here with me, I don’t have no one”.

Lizzie Fears Going Back To Jail Because Of Scott

Unfortunately, Lizzie Kommes seemed unsure whether or not she’ll stay with Scott Davey. The Life After Lockup alum knew her boyfriend’s drug addiction could potentially put her in a bad situation with authorities. She expressed her fear of going back to prison because of him.

“He lied to my face,” Lizz explained. “Since I’m on parole, I literally could go back to prison because this man has drugs”. By the looks of it, she is not willing to take the risk and would rather call it quits.

Despite admitting that she still loves Scott Davey, Lizzie Kommes decided it’s best to stay away. She claims they’re in an unhealthy relationship and there’s no way it’ll end up good.

Catch more of their roller-coaster relationship on Life After Lockup every Friday on WE tv.

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