Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lizzie Kommes Gets Ultimatum – Wants to See Scott Davey

Life After Lockup spoilers show Lizzie Kommes having second thoughts about Scott Davey. The WE tv show picks up with the pair following their very public split on Love After Lockup. But, it doesn’t look like the duo are completely over each other. LAL watchers saw Scott attempt to go on a blind date that didn’t go well. And, Lizzie hasn’t had much luck in the love department either. What’s in store for this former couple?

Life After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Gets an Ultimatum

Life After Lockup teasers showcase Lizzie Kommes rethinking things with Scott Davey. LAL fans saw Lizzie go on a date also. Things took a turn when her date suggested they split the bill. Before Scott Davey was broke, he spent over $90k on his jailhouse love. Lizzie Kommes had a shocked look on her face as she split the bill for her date. And, it looked like she missed Scott Davey in that moment.

Love After Lockup followers know Lizzie’s daughter Jazmyne has never been a fan of Scott Davey. From the beginning, she tried to get in the middle of their relationship and break them up. She hadn’t seen her mother in years and wanted Lizzie Kommes all to herself. It looks like she puts her mother in a tough spot. Now, Lizzie has to choose between her daughter and her former flame on Life After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Gets Even with Scott Davey

Based on earlier teasers, Life After Lockup viewers know Lizzie Kommes goes to see Scott Davey. Things don’t go well right out of the gate. The former convict slaps Scott in the face and says it’s what he deserves for cheating on her. Certainly, it’s bold of her to assault him on camera as a former criminal. It seems like the pair are done, but it also looks like they’re not completely over one another after spending time apart.

It will be interesting to see what happens for the pair on Life After Lockup. Lizzie Kommes was blindsided during the Love After Lockup season finale. Scott was seeing another woman at the time named Jasmine that Lizzie apparently had no idea about. The former criminal claims she knew nothing about Scott’s new woman until the finale. She said they were still together until the episode aired.

Lizzie and Scott Now

Scott Davey will be busy promoting a women’s swimwear line on Life After Lockup. He recently posted an Instagram video with an update on that. In addition, he filmed the video at work on a construction site. So, it looks like he has a steady source of income after being broke and in debt. He recently posted a few swimsuits online. But, so far, most WE tv watchers aren’t impressed by what they see. Still, there are some rooting for the former truck driver’s success.

It looks like Lizzie is busy with her family and is living life. She’s focused on God and doesn’t seem to be too fussed about finding Scott’s replacement. There are a lot of snaps on IG with daughter Jazmyne. Perhaps she chose her over Scott Davey after all. Catch an all-new episode of Life After Lockup Friday night on WE tv.

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