‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Lizzie Assaults Scott Davey – Clint Brady Attacks a Door

Life After Lockup spoilers show Lizzie Kommes abusing Scott Davey at war with each other. And Clint Brady battling a door. The LAL follow-up show is chock full of action. Lizzie and Scott fought on social media for weeks with nasty accusations flung in both directions. Now, the WE TV cameras caught Lizzie chewing out Scott over alleged cheating. Not only that but she hits him in the new promo. That’s no way for a felon out on parole to behave, is it? When this airs, perhaps Lizzie’s parole officer should take notice of the action on the Love After Lockup spinoff.

Life After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Slaps Scott Davey

One of the things Love After Lockup followers railed against over the last two seasons is the way Lizzie Kommes treats Scott Davey. Lizzie siphoned over $90k from Scott and then shunned him once she was out of prison. The most recent Life After Lockup clip shows Scott Davey butt naked and involved with another woman. Some LAL watchers cheered that it looks like Scott finally got some bedroom action after Lizzie shut him down.

After the LAL season finale aired, Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey went through a very public split. Lizzie claimed she was blindsided by Scott getting with another woman. She also said she didn’t know about this gal until the reveal at the end of the finale episode. Based on the latest Life After Lockup preview, it looks like the pair aren’t completely done yet. At one point, Lizzie Kommes confronts Scott Davey and smacks him across the face for cheating on her.

Life After Lockup: Clint Brady Fights a Door to Get to Goddess Tracie Wagaman

Love After Lockup fans will see more from Clint Brady and goddess Tracie in the upcoming spinoff. Clint’s goddess let that information slip in has been leaking info about the spinoff on social media. The Life After Lockup teaser hints at tense moments for Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady. Clint’s parents were against him marrying his goddess from the beginning.

The clip teases a long overdue meeting between Tracie and Clint’s parents. In addition, it seems the pair get into a heated argument as things take a turn for the worse. As a direct result of this, Tracie slams a door in Clint’s face and he punches and kicks holes into it in anger. This is definitely going to be a storyline to watch. Will Clint defeat the door? Find out this season on WE TV!

More Drama from Other Love After Lockup Couples

There are a number of plots to follow on the upcoming Life After Lockup spinoff. WE TV viewers will get to see Brittany and Marcelino Santiago’s baby – along with Sarah Simmons’ second child with Michael Simmons. Plus, it seems he’s still smushing his other fiance, judging by clips from the new show.

Marcelino worries that Brittany may go back to old bad habits. Sarah and Megan deal with the aftermath of finding out about each other. In addition, things get heated for Andrea and Lamar – remember them? Lamar thinks he’s being held captive in Utah but Andrea doesn’t want to move. There’s a lot to unpack in this upcoming season including slaps, kicks, and clap backs. Catch the season premiere of Life After Lockup June 14 at 9 pm only on WE TV.

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