‘Life After Lockup’: Lizzie Kommes Says There’s a Mind-Blowing Reason She Left Scott

Life After Lockup‘s Lizzie Kommes says the reason she left Scott Davey is “mind-blowing”. The former inmate dished on all things LAL in a recent podcast interview. Scott and Lizzie calling it quits is one of the bigger storylines on the current season of Life After Lockup. What did the former convict reveal in this recent tell-all?

Life After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Spills on Her Stripping and More

Despite Lizzie Kommes’ well-documented criminal history and drug addictions, she didn’t start off that way. The Love After Lockup star talked about her farm roots and how she would up in California at 17. She turned to stripping to make ends meet. And, after her first night, she made over $1,000. As a young girl in the 1990’s, she said she felt like a millionaire. But, she also said she tried cocaine for the first time at 17. A handful of DUI charges later, she found herself in prison.

The Love After Lockup alum also dished on her drug habits in prison. She said at one point she nearly got AIDS from a dirty needle. Lizzie admitted that God helped her kick her drug habit. But, she also revealed the dangerous way she managed to do it. Lizzie Kommes said she cycled between heroin and crystal meth to keep from getting sick.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lizzie Teases Real Reason She Dumped Scott Davey

Some Love After Lockup watchers believe Lizzie Kommes kicked Scott Davey to the curb once his money ran out. But, Lizzie says there’s another “mind-blowing” reason the former couple called it quits. Unfortunately, it seems WE tv watchers have no choice but to tune in to the show to find out what really went down. But, based on what Lizzie Kommes said about Scott Davey, there are some big things in store for viewers this season on Life After Lockup.

Lizzie said she chose Scott Davey to appear with her on Love After Lockup even though she had other tricks at the time. In addition to all the money Scott Davey sent her, she said she made over $800,000 during her time behind bars. Unfortunately, though, she admitted she has nothing to show for it.

Another interesting tidbit is she borrowed money from other tricks and gave it to Scott Davey to buy food after he spent all his money buying her drugs. The reason she chose Scott for Love After Lockup over her other tricks was because he accepted her and had her back.

Life for Lizzie Now

In addition to delving into her past, Lizzie Kommes talked about where things are at with her now. Even though she and daughter Jazmyne Kommes live a few hours apart, she said they talk every day. As Life After Lockup fans see, Lizzie admitted Jazmyne is definitely the mom when it comes to their relationship dynamic.

Moreover, on top of catching up with her daughter since being out of prison, Lizzie also has a YouTube channel she updates regularly with prison recipes, tutorials, and more. Added to that, she seems fully committed to her relationship with God and regularly updates her Instagram with positive affirmations and quotes from scripture.

Be sure to keep watching Life After Lockup Fridays on WE tv to see what happens next.

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