‘Love After Lockup’ Scott Davey Catches Heat for Showing Off Man Parts

Love After Lockup‘s Scott Davey is under fire for allegedly showing his man parts to a woman online. In addition, he’s also catching heat for an Instagram update he shared featuring an attractive young woman. Who is this mystery woman and what is the current state of Scott’s love life since splitting from Lizzie Kommes?

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey Showing His Junk to Women Online

Scott Davey is in the hot seat for a number of things. An IG user alleges that he whipped out his junk while video chatting with her. In addition, there are apparently screenshots to back up this claim. In the most recent Life After Lockup teaser, Scott is naked at one point and strutting with this stuff on display. It seems he is definitely putting himself back out there – even if some Love After Lockup watchers are roasting him for it.

Adding fuel to the fire, Scott recently updated his IG with a snap of an attractive young woman. Many IG users jumped to conclusions and bashed him for “dating” a younger woman. Some even asked if she is his daughter. Scott clapped back at his haters with a live video. In it, he said that he has a new business venture selling high-end swimwear at affordable prices. The woman in question wanted to model some pieces.

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Love After Lockup: No Luck with the Ladies?

Scott Davey has had a rough go of things in the love department since appearing on Love After Lockup. He thought he found love with Lizzie Kommes but she broke things off with the former truck driver for cheating on her. Recently, Scott offered to give women online one hundred dollars. Before that, he publicly asked if any women in the California area wanted to go on a cruise with him.

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to Love After Lockup fan reactions. Some criticize Lizzie’s former flame and hurl insults. Viewers see his attempts to find love as sad. Some LAL watchers see it as Scott being desperate and throwing himself at anyone who will bite. For others, they support Scott Davey and feel that all of the harsh criticism is unfair. There’s definitely a split among the WE TV fan base.


What’s Next?

It’ll be interesting to see how this new business venture works out. Scott broke and in debt was a sticking point in the second season of Love After Lockup. Will this new business plan help Lizzie’s former beau break even?

On the other hand, there’s also the upcoming season of Life After Lockup to tune in to. In addition to the drama unfolding on a daily basis on Instagram, WE TV watchers can expect to see more from Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes when the LAL spinoff premieres on June 14.

Hopefully, viewers will get to see more of what went on behind the scenes that led to the pair breaking up – along with even more drama from the other couples.

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