‘Life After Lockup’: Scott Davey Claims Lizzie Wants Half of His TV Show Money

Life After Lockup star Scott Davey has new accusations against Lizzie Kommes. The 51-year-old truck driver alleged that his former girlfriend wanted to split all of his profits from doing the hit reality show. Apparently, Lizzie insisted that she get 50/50 of the money because of her “contribution” to the show. Will Scott give in to Lizzie’s demands? Or will this make a bigger problem for them?

Life After Lockup: Scott Davey Claims Lizzie Kommes Wants Profit From The Show

Earlier this week, Scott Davey took to Instagram and dropped some interesting revelations about Lizzie Kommes. The Life After Lockup celeb claimed that Lizzie, the convicted felon, wants half of his earnings from WEtv and will not stop until she gets it. Scott shared proof of Lizzie’s supposed demands, which drew mixed reactions online.

Scott uploaded a photo of what appeared to be an agreement letter prepared by Lizzie Kommes on September 14, 2018 . The now-deleted image reiterated that the former inmate “is entitled to half of all the amounts received by Scott for his appearance in the television show Love After Lockup“. It also stated that Lizzie should get fifty percent of any profits their Life After Lockup episodes will make in the future. Aside from that, the contract also obliged Scott to pay the amount to Lizzie within 10 days after receiving the earnings.

Life After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes - Scott Davey


Scott Has Yet To Sign The Papers

By the looks of it, Scott Davey has no plans to abide by the contract. The Life After Lockup alum has yet to sign the papers despite being issued to him last year. Apparently, Scott has yet to speak to an attorney. This made him unsure of what exactly he should do about the matter.

Love After Lockup ans who have been following Scott Davey on Instagram quickly gave their two cents about the issue. Most of his Life After Lockup followers suggested that he should seek help from a lawyer and address it legally. Some even insisted that he should not follow Lizzie Kommes’s demands, especially since he already spent a lot of money on her.

Life After Lockup: Scott Davey - Lizzie Kommes

How Much Do They Get On Love After Lockup?

Many are now wondering how much money did Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes get from Love After Lockup. In the same image, Scott intentionally redacted the amount of money he received per episode. But a good look at it reveals he’s probably getting at least $2,000 per episode.

The letter also suggests that only Scott gets paid even with Lizzie’s participation. Apparently, the Life After Lockup convicts are not getting any amount of money from the show. This is contrary to earlier reports that both the ex-inmates and their partners get paid.

So how much money is Lizzie asking? Based on the contract, the Life After Lockup babe is asking fifty percent of profits from last year’s showThe show had at least 24 episodes. If it’s true that each episode costs a couple of thousand dollars, then Scott probably earned at least $48,000 last season. Half of that will give Lizzie Kommes around $24,000.

It remains unclear if Scott will sign the agreement. Lizzie has yet to comment on it as well.

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