‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Vows War on Lizzie – Calls Her New Man a ‘Dork’

Love After Lockup‘s Scott Davey is speaking out following Lizzie Kommes revealing her new man. It doesn’t look like the former truck driver is taking the news well. The LAL star is lashing out at his former love and vowed he’d go to “war” with her. Meanwhile, he came clean in recent months regarding his struggle with drugs. And, he’s upset over some of the things she said about him. What did Scott Davey say about Lizzie Kommes’ new man and the drug rumors?

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey Lashes Out at Lizzie Kommes

Scott Davey claims his latest online tirade is not because of the new “dork” Lizzie Kommes is dating (that’s Scott’s word, not ours). But, the timing is a little suspect. Lizzie Kommes took to Instagram to reveal that she is dating someone new. And, even though Scott said that his recent postings are not motivated by her new dating situation, it’s possible there’s some bitterness there.

Scott Davey has been open recently regarding his drug use. Now, he claims he was clean for 16 months before Lizzie came and slapped him in the face on Life After Lockup. After that, the pair broke up and Scott’s been on a downward spiral. It seems he is also taking issue with Lizzie Kommes calling him a “drug addict”. But, considering all the money Scott spent on heroin for Lizzie while she was inside, addiction is certainly something they both know well.

The pair went through a very public split. Now, it appears there’s some bitterness where this former duo are concerned. Lizzie seems to be handling things better. But, most Love After Lockup followers feel Scott Davey got the shorter end of the stick in this relationship.

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Life After Lockup: Is Scott Davey Just a Bitter Ex?

Scott Davey stirred up drama online in the past. So, many Love After Lockup fans wonder if this is just another opportunity to stir the pot. He claims this has nothing to do with Lizzie Kommes finding a new man. But, the timing is interesting. It seems Lizzie Kommes is doing things differently when it comes to her new boyfriend. She even alluded to the fact that they’re having sex.

Lizzie Kommes claimed she was a born-again virgin when she was with Scott. Plus, she never got intimate with him. It could be that this isn’t sitting well with Scott. Lizzie even said she splits the bill with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Scott Davey spent over $90,000 on his lockup lover with nothing to show for it. Many Love After Lockup watchers think his latest online rant is motivated by Lizzie’s new relationship status.

What Happens Now?

Interestingly, Scott Davey revealed on Lizzie Kommes’ birthday that he’s dating someone new, too. Meanwhile, Lizzie’s boyfriend reveal is recent news as well. But, even though they both claim to have moved on, it’s clear there are still some things linking the former couple.

Most Love After Lockup viewers are happy to see both of them no longer together. But, it certainly looks like there are some lingering, unresolved issues between them. It’ll be worth keeping an eye on this situation to see what happens next.

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