‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Davey Shares Pics of Pretty New Girlfriend – Throws Shade at Lizzie

Love After Lockup‘s Scott Davey has had a number of ups and downs since he called it quits with Lizzie Kommes. Scott recently shared pictures of his new girlfriend and fans think she’s gorgeous. But, many Love After Lockup watchers don’t buy it. In addition, he seems to have another stalker as well. What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey Introduces New Girlfriend

Since his split from Lizzie Kommes, Love After Lockup star Scott Davey has been looking for a replacement girlfriend. And, according to him, he has found her. But, many fans of the show don’t believe it. He posted pictures of his new lady love. Along with that, he listed all of her positive attributes and threw shade at Lizzie Kommes in the process.

Scott Davey said she hasn’t asked him for money. If true, this is a big one considering how much he spent on Lizzie Kommes when they were together. In addition, he threw a lot of shade at his ex and listed all of the things his new woman doesn’t have – like a “mental disorder”. He went on to say the best thing about her is she “does not have hepatitis”.

Scott Davey’s description of his new woman is rubbing a lot of Love After Lockup fans the wrong way. And, many feel it was a low blow to blast Lizzie publicly like he did. Scott Davey doesn’t mention Lizzie Kommes by name in his post. But, it’s clear who he’s throwing under the bus.

Interestingly, Scott Davey said they’ve met in person. But, they’re not ready to release her name publicly. He went on to say that they’re still getting to know one another. But, from the looks of it, he said things are good so far.

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Life After Lockup: Does Scott Davey Have a Stalker?

Scott Davey said publicly at the beginning of November that he had another stalker – though he wrote “stocker”. And, he shared a screenshot of her Facebook profile on his IG. This isn’t the first time the Love After Lockup cast member claimed to have a stalker. And, there is concern for his well-being among Love After Lockup followers.

In addition, he shared pics online of scratches to his face – and, what he claimed to be a bite on his hand. He said both of these injuries came from this woman. It’s unclear at the moment how much of what the Love After Lockup celeb said is true. And, along with the concern among fans, many want to know more about this alleged stalker.

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His Life After Lizzie

Scott Davey’s life has been a bit of a roller coaster since he and Lizzie Kommes split. He fell off the wagon and came clean about using drugs. And, he has had a few women in his life since his Love After Lockup lover. Many viewers want the best for him and are concerned about his recent life choices. Especially given the fact that he seems to have another stalker in his life

Based on his recent post online throwing Lizzie Kommes under the bus, it’s clear he is still bitter when it comes to his ex. But, it will be interesting to see where things go with this new relationship. And, it will be worth keeping an eye on the stalker situation too.

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