‘Love After Lockup’: Jessica Gipson Shows off New Hair – See Pic

Love After Lockup celeb Jessica Gipson showed off her new hair. Maurice‘s wife changed up her look. And, it’s a big difference from the way viewers see her on the current season of the WEtv show. What does she look like now?

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson Changes Up Her Hair

Love After Lockup star Jessica Gipson has blonde locks in current episodes. But, she recently changed up her appearance with a completely different hair color. Maurice’s wife dyed her hair a much darker shade. And, she has elements of red and even purple in it.

It could be Jessica wants to get away from how she appears on television. It’s possible it’s also a way to keep from getting recognized while out and about in public. Either way, she seems happy with the results. As a new cast member on Love After Lockup, the added exposure is something to get used to.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson

LAL: Jessica Upset Over Bad Edit?

Along with changing up her look, Jessica Gipson recently railed against WEtv. And, she blamed the network for making her look bad. Reality stars often clap back against what they feel is bad editing—especially when they look bad on television. And, Jessica is the latest to slam producers.

Jessica Gipson addressed her Love After Lockup haters. She said only the opinions of a select few matter. She also reminded her followers that she is on a television show. And, that “they” (the producers) only show what they want for ratings. Meanwhile, Maurice’s spouse added that producers “edit sh** horribly.”

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson - Maurice

Love After Lockup: Maurice & His Wife Shown in Bad Light?

Following Maurice’s release and his happy reunion with TLC’s Jessica Gipson, the couple deal with a lot of drama on Love After Lockup. Jessica Gipson lives in Las Vegas. But, Maurice is parolled to his hometown of Compton, California which is a dangerous area with a lot of violent crime.

There’s a lot of tension between man and wife over where they will stay. Jessica doesn’t like the idea of staying at Maurice’s cousin’s house in Compton. And, that causes a lot of drama for the pair. They got into a heated argument while out and about at a restaurant. And, it’s definitely a major sticking point in their storyline.

Meanwhile, Maurice violated his parole in Love After Lockup on national television. He isn’t supposed to leave California. But, after some convincing, Jessica took him across state lines to Las Vegas. And, Jessica gets a lot of fan hate for doing that with cameras there to capture the whole thing.

Still, whether she is unhappy with her edit or not, that comes with the territory as a WEtv cast member. And, even though they stay relatively quiet while current episodes air, it looks like both Jessica and groom Maurice do their own thing. Moreover, viewers can expect even more updates once the current season of Love After Lockup wraps.

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