‘Love After Lockup’: Jessica Gipson Shows Off Full-Body Makeover – See Pic

Love After Lockup star Jessica Gipson now has a full-body makeover. Maurice’s wife gave birth to their first child together back in May. And, it looks like she already lost all the baby weight. Meanwhile, she underwent a complete overhaul of her image since filming for WEtv.

Love After Lockup Update: Jessica Gipson’s Complete Image Overhaul

Jessica Gipson from Love After Lockup made a lot of changes lately. She drastically changed her hair from blonde to a deep red. Fans get to know Jessica and Maurice on the new season of the WEtv show. And, she looks drastically different compared to when network cameras filmed her.

Meanwhile, Jessica Gipson took a full body pic for her Love After Lockup followers. And, she has slimmed down considerably. Jessica gave birth to a son with ex-con Maurice back in May of 2020 and it’s clear she worked off all that baby weight.

And, with everything Jessica Gipson did recently, she looks unrecognizable. So much so that many Love After Lockup viewers say she looks like a completely different person.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson

Love After Lockup: Big Things for Jessica & Maurice

Jessica Gipson’s giving birth a son with Maurice is something that leaked over the course of the current Love After Lockup season. As a result, it’s something she hasn’t talked about publicly yet due to the non-disclosure agreement. Cast members usually hold off on talking about things like that until a current season wraps.

Meanwhile, based on recent leaks, she walked down the aisle with Maurice for a second time in December of 2019. And, she was pregnant at the time. Based on the latest snaps from Maurice’s wife, you can really see she lost a lot of weight.

Because she can’t talk publicly about her second marriage to Maurice, her pregnancy, or how the baby is currently, there are some blanks that need filling in while Love After Lockup fans wait for current episodes to wrap. But, hopefully, Jessica Gipson breaks her silence once the time comes. In the meantime, the new mother looks happy and healthy with her full-body makeover.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson - Maurice

What’s Next for WEtv Pair?

A major part of Maurice and Jessica Gipson’s Love After Lockup story this season is her parents accepting him and their relationship once he is out of the clink. As a former Compton gang member, Maurice has a dark past. And, he didn’t want to get sucked back into that life – especially when he found out he would have to parole in California.

Jessica Gipson has a home set up for them in Las Vegas, but wanted no part of staying in California. Weeks ago, Jessica shared a throwback pic of Maurice coming home with her to Las Vegas. So, with confirmation that they married for a second time and had a baby boy, it’s clear things go well for the couple.

Meanwhile, because what’s happening in real-time is so far ahead of their Love After Lockup storyline, viewers want to know more regarding current updates from the pair. And, even though they won’t be able to fully disclose everything until after this season airs. It seems the two are in a good place with everything going on – including COVID-19.

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