‘Love After Lockup’: Jessica Gipson’s Friend Grills Maurice in Deleted Scene

Love After Lockup‘s Maurice gets the third degree from Jessica Gipson‘s gal pal (Tiffany) in a WEtv additional scene. Jessica’s parents have concerns about Maurice’s intentions with their daughter. And, her friend asks him some tough questions, too.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson’s Friend Goes in on Maurice

Love After Lockup deleted content shows Maurice meeting one of Jessica Gipson’s pals. The ladies met through a prison wife group online. But, unlike Jessica, her pal’s husband isn’t coming home anytime soon. Meanwhile, she gives Maurice the third degree in the deleted segment.

Right out of the gate, Jessica’s gal pal comes at Maurice with some tough questions. Along with asking him how long he was “down for”, she asks Maurice if he plans to slide back into his old habits. Meanwhile, Maurice rolls with the questions and doesn’t seem to sweat it at all.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson - Maurice

Love After Lockup: Maurice Holds His Own

Maurice said on Love After Lockup before he got out that he doesn’t have to answer to anyone but himself. He came out with a chip on his shoulder. And, he was adamant that he wouldn’t have to prove himself to anyone. Meanwhile, he handles these questions in a way that’s even-keel. And, he takes it all in stride.

One of the big questions that everyone has is whether or not Maurice will fall back into his criminal habits. But, that’s no longer a worry for him. He says in the Love After Lockup scene that the “lifestyle” he used to live doesn’t “excite” him the way it used to.

In addition, Maurice says in the Love After Lockup extra clip that he has “grown” since he first went to prison. Jessica Gipson’s bestie doesn’t believe he won’t go back to his criminal ways. But, he says he has two strikes against him. So, if he goes back to jail a third time, he won’t get out.

Maurice & Jessica Prove Doubters Wrong?

Whether or not inmates end up back in jail is a concern every season on Love After Lockup. Current cast members like Kristianna Roth and Lindsey Downs were locked up since filming. But, it looks like Maurice stays on the straight and narrow since coming out of the clink. So far.

Jessica’s father gave Maurice cash as a test. And, it’s clear even her friends think it’s only a matter of time before he slips. But, with two strikes against him and a baby with Jessica Gipson to think about, he has a lot of incentive to stay out of trouble.

Jessica Gipson’s good friend says in the Love After Lockup clip that she doesn’t recommend that people get involved with inmates. In her case, her husband is in jail for life for murder. And, she said her brother went back behind bars after serving 15 years.

But, at least for now, it looks like Jessica’s husband sticks to his word and stay out of trouble. And, he and Jessica Gipson enjoy their lives together following their second wedding – and the birth of their son.

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