‘Love After Lockup’: Glorietta Spills on Alexander Bentley – Dishes on Future Plans

Love After Lockup cast member Glorietta recently dished on Alexander Bentley and updated viewers on his status. Police picked Alexander up and charged him with nine felonies back in November 2019. And, LALU watchers haven’t heard much from him since he went back behind bars. Meanwhile, she dished on her plans, too. What did she reveal?

Love After Lockup: Are Glorietta & Alexander Bentley Still Together?

One of the questions many Love After Lockup viewers have is whether or not Alexander Bentley and Glorietta are still a couple. And, the California woman recently cleared up her relationship status with him. According to her, she and Alexander Bentley are not currently together.

Glorietta said the pair still keep an open line of communication. But, she added that its been months since their last conversation. Interestingly, Glorietta said her relationship with Alexander Bentley continued after filming their season of Love After Lockup. But, she clarified that they were not together at the time of his arrest.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley - Glorietta

LALU: Alexander Could Be Behind Bars a Long Time

Initially, police pulled Alexander Bentley over for an expired registration. But, things got much worse from there. Turns out, he had a firearm and ammunition on him. In addition to that, he also had heroin and meth on him as well. As an added kicker, Glorietta said he violated his probation at the time he was picked up. And, that could easily add more time to his sentence.

Alex told Love After Lockup fans that he’d be “home real real soon”. But, given his long list of charges and what Glorietta recently said, that may just be wishful thinking on his part. Former felons often run the risk of landing back in lockup. And, that’s certainly the case for Alexander Bentley.

Love After Lockup: What’s Next for Glorietta?

With Alexander Bentley in jail indefinitely, many Love After Lockup fans want to know what’s next for his former flame, Glorietta. She said she may or may not be dating someone currently. And, that she wants to keep her current relationship status “on the hush”.

Meanwhile, even after everything that went down with Alexander, Glorietta doesn’t rule out the possibility of getting back together with the Love After Lockup celeb at some point. A lot of that depends on how long his current stint in the clink is. But, it seems she leaves the door open for a reconciliation at some point down the line.

Even so, Alexander’s ex said there were a number of red flags when it came to her relationship with the Love After Lockup felon. She made a big deal about their age difference – even on the WEtv show. And, it looks like that’s still a concern for Glorietta. On top of that, she said he isn’t very experienced when it comes to maintaining a long-term, serious relationship.

Moreover, she hinted that she’d soon return to television. She didn’t give away any details. But, she said she currently has something else up her sleeve. So, that’s definitely something to keep an eye on in the near future.

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