‘Love After Lockup’: Who Went Back to Prison?

Love After Lockup stars like Lizzie Kommes really turn their lives around after getting out of the clink. And, that often includes finding stable work and kicking drug habits to the curb. But, not all WEtv cast members are as lucky. Some of them return to old habits and wind up right back where they started. Who went back to prison since filming for WEtv?

Love After Lockup: #1 Alla Subbotina

Alla Subbotina was on the first season of Love After Lockup with James Cristia. But, the former model didn’t stay on the straight and narrow long after release from prison in Wisconsin.

She went back in the slammer for a parole violation in January 2018. And, after she was out on that charge, it didn’t take her long to go back to her criminal ways. Police picked her up for retail theft in January 2020 – four weeks after release.

Currently, she is still behind bars. And, her most recent mugshot on file is from March 2020. And, as of right now, she has no scheduled release date.

Love After Lockup: Alla Subbotina

#2 Lamondre Fluker

Unlike a lot of Love After Lockup cast members that taste freedom and go back to jail later on, Lamondre Fluker never left. And, his potential release date isn’t until 2026. Viewers saw him on the second season of the WEtv show with Andrea.

Meanwhile, even though he’s still on the inside, Lamondre Fluker turns a profit. He has both a hair business and an apparel shop online. So, it’s clear he is quite the businessman in lockup.

Love After Lockup: Lamondre Fluker

LALU: #3 Matt Fraiser

Matt Fraiser is a career criminal on Love After Lockup. And, even though Caitlin Gainer tried to change him when he was finally free, it didn’t take him long to go back to his old habits. Meanwhile, his life of crime got in the way of any potential future with her.

Matt Fraiser was behind bars back in November 2019 for skipping court dates. And, that was just the beginning. He was picked up in January 2020 for failing to register a vehicle and driving with a license that was suspended. He posted bond and was out the same day. But, the following day, police picked him up for possession of methamphetamine.

In addition, back in February 2020, he was pulled over for speeding and charged with driving with a suspended license. He doesn’t appear to be in custody for anything currently. But, given his history, it may only be a matter of time before he’s back behind bars again.

Love After Lockup: Matt Fraiser (Arrest) - Caitlin

#4 Alexander Bentley

Glorietta’s Love After Lockup beau decided to rack up a bunch of felonies in a single night. Cops pulled Alexander Bentley over for an expired vehicle registration in November 2019. Turns out, in addition to the out-of-date registration, he had a firearm, ammunition, heroin, and meth on him.

In total, this single night of bad decisions landed him with nine felonies. Meanwhile, his bail was set at $120,000 – a hefty sum. Interestingly, Alexander Bentley claimed back in May that he’d “be home real real soon”. So, this is definitely a situation to watch.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley

#5 John Slater

Love After Lockup watchers saw John Slater on the most recent WEtv spinoff, Life After Lockup. But, based on his off-camera antics, the love triangle with Lacey and Shane Whitlow wasn’t the only thing he had to worry about.

John Slater’s most recent arrest was for violating probation. And, police nabbed him for DWI and possession in 2019 as well. A representative of the Virginia Beach Circuit Court recently confirmed to Soap Dirt that Lacey’s ex is currently out on probation. So, the LALU star needs to tread carefully if he doesn’t want to wind up back in jail.

Love After Lockup: John Slater

Love After Lockup: #6 Tracie Wagaman

Love After Lockup celeb Tracie Wagaman had multiple run-ins with the law since appearing on the first season with ex-husband, Clint Brady. And, she has quite the rap sheet in just the last few years alone.

As viewers see on Life After Lockup, Tracie Wagaman was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance back in August 2019. Even though she is currently out of jail, she could still face stiff penalties stemming from that charge. And, given her criminal history, this may include up to 99 years in the clink.

Meanwhile, back in February 2020, police in Texas picked Tracie up again for driving while intoxicated. So, even though this may not be as severe as some of her other charges, it’s clear she still engages in criminal behavior. And, it’s worth watching what she does next.

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