‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Arrested Again – February 2020

Love After Lockup cast member Tracie Wagaman was arrested again in Midland, Texas. Clint Brady’s estranged wife has an extensive history of trouble with the law – including pending charges from an arrest back in September 2019. What was she picked up for this time around?

Love After Lockup News: Tracie Wagaman Arrested Again

Tracie Wagaman, the Love After Lockup star, drove while intoxicated in Texas. And, police arrested her for the offense on February 28, 2020. Police picked Tracie Wagaman up in the past for possession of “hardcore drugs” like methamphetamine.

Driving while under the influence charges with her prior criminal record will probably work against her in the court system as this story unfolds.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman - Life After Lockup

LALU: Tracie Reached Out to Fans Hours Before Arrest

Tracie interacted with fans online hours before her arrest. She posted a selfie and said today was going to be “great”. Tracie’s posts online generate a lot of discussion among Love After Lockup fans. And, many viewers commented on her status update online.

Tracie Wagaman went dark on social media for some time while in rehab. And, before her falling out with Clint Brady, he did Cameo videos while she was away. Most Love After Lockup viewers show concern for Tracie’s well-being. And, given her latest arrest, she’ll need that support.

Love After Lock Up: Tracie Wagaman - Life After Lock Up

What Happens Next for Love After Lockup WEtv star?

Love After Lockup duo Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady had a major falling out recently. And, it looks like the pair are over. Turns out Clint entertained a new lady friend while she was off to rehab. Meanwhile, he took over her Cameo page and posted scathing videos with numerous accusations against his wife.

Meanwhile, Tracie Wagaman recently won the jackpot at a casino. And, Clint Brady said she would blow through it in no time. It’s possible this latest arrest is the result of all the recent Love After Lockup drama with Clint. And, if the duo really are over, she may have to face these latest charges without his support. Clint Brady bonded her out of jail last time. But, he may not fork over $5000 this time around.

Certainly, it’s worth keeping an eye on this developing story as more details surface. And, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. Given Tracie Wagaman’s criminal history and current charges, things don’t look good for the controversial Love After Lockup celeb.

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