‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman Back Together – Working on Relationship Again

Love After Lockup couple Clint Brady and and ex-con wife Tracie Wagaman are still together and working on their problems. The relationship between Clint Brady and his spouse Tracie Wagaman has been a roller coaster recently. They had an explosive and public interaction online over drugs and ended their relationship. However, that wasn’t the end of them. Tracie revealed online that she is back with Clint. Will Clint and his goddess Tracie be able to repair their relationship one last time — or is another fight on the horizon?

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady and Wife Tracie Wagaman Fight Online

Clint Brady was head over heels when he first met Tracie Wagaman while she was serving time in prison. Once she was released the couple got married on Love After Lockup. However, their marriage has been far from perfect. Tracie quickly went back to doing drugs. Clint has also started doing drugs like cocaine according to what he’s posted online.

The Love After Lockup cast members took to social media to argue with each other. A previous Soap Dirt report explained that Clint Brady wrote on Twitter that he “used to believe that I was @TracieWagaman’s top & #1 priority, but I was proven otherwise for the final time tonight.” Clint believed that Tracie’s drug addiction was her priority. Which lead to an argument about taking drugs and Tracie Wagaman having a gambling addiction. The couple called it quits at the time.

Love After Lockup Update: Tracie & Clint Giving Relationship Another Try

Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady seem to be back on good terms. Even after their explosive fight on Twitter, the couple is giving their relationship another try. This isn’t a surprise. Since this isn’t the first time the Love After Lockup duo have broken up and got back together again. Tracie once accused Clint of cheating on her.  But, the breakup didn’t last long.

The Love After Lockup celeb, Tracie Wagaman took to Instagram to share that she and Clint Brady are back together. She shared a picture of the two hanging out at a bar. She wrote, “despite our shortcomings, we are still together & trying to work things out.” By the smiles on their faces, they look like they are happy together. But, fans can’t help but wonder when they will break up again.

Fans Have Mixed Feelings Towards Wetv Couple

Tracie Wagaman and her husband Clint Brady have an on-and-off-again relationship. There is no telling what will happen next for the couple. Some Love After Lockup fans think that they are toxic together and that they should work on themselves before trying to work things out. According to a fan, the couple needs “to grow up and get your priorities straight.”

However, other fans think Tracie and Clint are made for each other.

Despite their rocky past, many Love After Lockup followers are happy to see Clint Brady and his other half Tracie Wagaman together again. One fan wrote, “I’m glad you are still together. You are made for each other.” Another supporter said that Tracie and her husband Clint should “block those haters.” Only time will tell when the next fight will be or if their relationship will last.

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