‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Hacks Tracie’s Cameo – Sends Crazy Rant Videos Out

Love after Lockup star Clint Brady broke into Tracie Wagaman‘s Cameo account and sent her customers some crazy videos of himself ranting and making wild accusations.

Cameo is a service that allows fans to buy custom made video clips from celebrities.

On the Cameo site, Clint went off on estranged wife Tracie Wagaman – accusing her of a number of misdeeds in a Cameo clip on her profile. Clint posted the scathing video full of incendiary accusations on Tracie’s Cameo page. What else did the Life After Lockup celeb reveal?

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady Goes off on Tracie Wagaman

Clint Brady did Cameo videos for Love After Lockup fans while Tracie Wagaman was away in rehab. So, Tracie gave him the password to her Cameo account so he could do this and earn a living for the couple.

Since Tracie was away Clint was making video clips for fans solo. But, now that things went downhill for the troubled Life After Lockup pair, Clint used her Cameo credentials to post an incendiary video – spilling all of his wife’s alleged dirty laundry.

Clint Brady said the money from Cameo goes toward Tracie and her “drug habit”. Love After Lockup followers have speculated online that Tracie spends her Cameo earnings on drugs.

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LALU: Clint Throws Tracie Wagaman Under the Bus and Admits Drug Use

Clint Brady went on to say he hates “that wh*re” – referring to his former goddess. He also read and responded to comments from Love After Lockup viewers bashing him online. But, that’s not the juiciest bit from his rant video. Tracie Wagaman recently won a jackpot at a casino. Clint claims she is out and about blowing that money.

In addition, Clint went on to say that he was using meth. Both Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady have a very public battle with addiction and drug use. And, it looks like this latest drama with his wife pushed Clint Brady over the edge. Ending the video, he claims his wife performs sexual favors on police officers to “get out of tickets” and said he hopes she “enjoys the drugs” the Cameo videos pay for.

What Happens Next for Love After Lockup Pair?

There’s been a lot of back and forth online from this troubled Love After Lockup duo in recent days. Clint said initially that he never used drugs. Then, he came clean about his drug use and “hardcore drugs” as he calls them. He didn’t hesitate to say Tracie still uses. In his most recent Cameo rant, it looks like Clint is in a bedroom somewhere. And, he said he’s not “living in his car anymore”.

As for Tracie Wagaman, she recently turned up online following weeks of being away in rehab. She came back in a big way, claiming Clint dumped her for a new girl while she was gone.

According to Clint, Tracie won nearly $15,000 at a casino and she’s blowing it on more drugs.

There’s a lot going on right now for this pair. So, it’s worth keeping an eye on this situation to see who fires shots next.

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