‘Love After Lockup’: Alex Bentley Spills His Guts – Confirms Fake Relationship with Glorietta?

Love After Lockup‘s Alexander Bentley recently alleged that his story with Glorietta on WEtv is “fake”. There was a lot of drama for the pair on their season of the WEtv show. And Alexander recently opened up about his time filming.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley & Glorietta’s Story

WEtv introduced Love After Lockup watchers to Glorietta and Alex on the second season of the flagship show. She met Alex through a family member – he did time behind bars with her third cousin. And he would do things like write to her and talk about their future together.

Meanwhile, things got messy for the pair on Love After Lockup once he was on the outside. Her mother didn’t approve of her choice in men – nor the fact that the pair don’t share the same religion. In addition, Alexander Bentley met up with an ex behind her back. Certainly, there was a lot of drama in their WEtv storyline.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley - Glorietta

Love After Lockup Update: Alexander Claims Storyline with Glorietta is Fake

Alexander Bentley is currently doing time. And because of that, Love After Lockup followers haven’t heard much from him. Meanwhile, he recently had some eye-opening things to say about his time filming with Glorietta for the popular WEtv show.

Alexander Bentley claims that his Love After Lockup relationship with Glorietta is “fake”. Production stretching the truth and/or influencing scenes to up the drama factor is a regular topic with every new season. And based on Alex’s recent claims, he threw the network under the bus – calling production out for manufacturing his storyline.

Based on what Alexander Bentley alleged, he said his entire storyline was “staged” for the sake of “creating drama” to “boost ratings”. According to him, it was an opportunity to get in the showbiz door and “make money”.

Moreover, Alexander Bentley said he is a “good man” in relationships. He said he is “loyal” and “honest”. And that he is committed to working on anything “troublesome” that might go on with his partner. Meanwhile, that’s certainly not how things went down with Glorietta on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley

WEtv Inmate Bitter Behind Bars?

As Soap Dirt reported back in November of 2019, police stopped Alex Bentley for expired registration. But that was only the beginning of his woes. Police ended up charging him with nine felonies, including possession of a firearm – as well as a controlled substance.

Since being back in prison, Alex asked Love After Lockup fans for things like donations. Meanwhile, now that WEtv moved on to new seasons and new cast members, Alex Bentley speaking out about alleged scripting could be an attention-grab from the convict. Now that he is no longer in the spotlight, this could be a way for him to get back into the conversation.

On the other hand, doubts surrounded the legitimacy of their storyline when the episodes aired. So, there could be some truth to the inmate’s claims. Cast members often rail against production when they are unhappy with how they appear in episodes. And based on his recent comments, Alexander Bentley certainly seems to have a chip on his shoulder about the whole thing.

Whether it’s clever editing by production to get the most drama out of couples or influencing scenarios to get the same result, viewers certainly buy into what the network sells. And it looks like Alex Bentley is the latest Love After Lockup cast member to throw production under the bus.

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