‘Love After Lockup’: Dylan Smith Arrested Again – Still Behind Bars – What’s the Charge Now?

Love After Lockup celeb Dylan Smith was in handcuffs again last week and remains behind bars now. It looked like he got his life together after things ended with Heather on the WEtv show. But it seems he fell back into old habits based on his latest arrest.

Love After Lockup: Dylan Smith Arrested Again

It turns out, police arrested Dylan Smith on Thursday morning, December 10. The Chicago Police Department slapped cuffs on the Love After Lockup cast member. On December 12, he was moved to another jail location and will likely remain there unless he comes up with $50,000 to bond out. Heather Gee’s former boyfriend faces charges including:

  • Armed Habitual Criminal
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Issuance of Warrant

Love After Lockup: Dylan

Love After Lockup: Dylan Could Do Serious Time

Felons charged as an “Armed Habitual Criminal” could encounter stiff penalties according to Illinois codes. Under Illinois law, this is a Class X Felony — the most serious type. And as a former offender charged with a felony that serious, probation can be completely off the table. In addition, Love After Lockup‘s Dylan Smith could be sentenced to six to thirty years behind bars.

As for Dylan Smith’s possession charge, in Chicago, this felony offense is usually for illegal narcotics. Those often include cocaine and heroin. Less common on the list are things like possession of ecstasy, LSD, or other drugs. Love After Lockup watchers know Dylan Smith was in jail for selling ecstasy to an undercover officer.

So, he could have fallen back into old habits. Meanwhile, Dylan Smith was issued a warrant as well. That might have tied to his probation status and a violation. Love After Lockup‘s Dylan will certainly have to answer all of this during his upcoming court date slated for just before Christmas.

Love After Lockup: Dylan Smith - Heather

WEtv Celeb Seemed to be on a Better Path

It looked like Dylan Smith got his life together after splitting from Heather. He found a job with a company he loved, and he was able to afford things like his own apartment after he was out. That came after all the drama that went down on Love After Lockup. On top of that, he even found love with someone new after the negative experience on reality TV with his ex.

Falling back into a life of crime is always a risk for former felons that make up the Love After Lockup cast. Other stars like Michael Simmons and Josh Hyatt have new charges since they last filmed for WEtv. And it looks like Dylan Smith is the latest on the list of repeat offenders.

Cities like Chicago are tough on crime. And as a repeat offender, that could work against Dylan Smith in a big way when he faces the music. And even though the Love After Lockup star made some progress since his release, now it looks like Dylan didn’t completely leave his criminal ways in the past.

Dylan Smith’s next Love After Lockup court date is December 21. In addition, he has a bond amount of $50k. We’ll update you on what happens with him after he faces a judge. With quarantine concerns, it seems Dylan’s court date will be on video, not in-person. And given his prior criminal activity, things may not work out in his favor.

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