‘Love After Lockup’ Update: Dylan Kicks Heather to the Curb After Explosive Fights

Love After Lockup‘s Dylan calls it quits with Heather following their explosive fights. Things escalated quickly right out of the gate as soon as Dylan was out of prison.

Love After Lockup: Heather Rages at Dylan

Dylan is fresh out of prison when watchers meet him on the show. And problems with Heather started up right from the jump. After waiting for her man for five years, Heather was eager to make up for the lost time. But since she was staying with her aunt, things weren’t as free as she wanted them to be in terms of privacy.

Turns out, that wasn’t a concern for the Love After Lockup pair for long. Heather didn’t like that Dylan talked to her aunt. And in her mind, he didn’t give her enough attention. This was the start of drama that snowballed out of control. Heather raged at Dylan. And her giving him the third-degree in the car almost made him miss his meeting with his parole officer.

Meanwhile, the following day, Heather took too long getting ready. Because of that, Dylan missed his opportunity to get behind the wheel for a driving test. Moreover, Dylan making a joke about Heather taking too long to get ready set her off yet again. And it’s something the pair never recovered from based on Love After Lockup spoilers.

Love After Lockup: Heather - Dylan

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Dylan’s Status with Heather

Love After Lockup spoilers show Dylan preparing dinner. Spoilers make it seem like he might be cooking for Heather. But that’s not the case – it turns out to be his mother. Dylan says the pair broke up following their explosive fights – after just two days in the “real world”. Dylan adds that it’s “hard”. And that there’s a “grieving feeling” after being in a relationship with Heather for five years.

Even with the way things ended for the pair, he says he doesn’t have any “animosity” toward Heather. In his mind, she was there for him in prison when he needed her most. And he says in Love After Lockup spoiler clips that he will “love her forever” even though things didn’t work out for the pair.

WEtv Star Moving on with a New Woman?

Since things didn’t work out with Heather on Love After Lockup, Dylan has been spotted out and about with a new woman. They’ve been getting cozy for some time – and they even dressed up in coordinated risqué outfits this past Halloween, too. It’s likely more updates will come once the Love After Lockup season finale airs. Either way, Dylan seems happy in his new relationship.

On top of that, he makes it big in business, too. He reveals in Love After Lockup spoilers that he works in marketing for a company specializing in “renewable energy products”. Meanwhile, he claims that he makes more money now than he ever did selling drugs. And that if he knew this was a “thing”, he never would have gone to prison.

So, even though things didn’t work out with his Love After Lockup ex, he does well for himself – and he really turned his life around since coming out of the clink.

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