‘Love After Lockup’: Heather Throws Dylan under the Bus with Shocking Claims

Love After Lockup celeb Heather accused Dylan, of some shocking things. He is a free man in the mid-season finale. But, it looks like there’s a lot of animosity between the pair based on what she said recently.

Love After Lockup Update: Heather Throws Dylan Under the Bus

Love After Lockup‘s Heather alleges Dylan is a “con artist.” She claims he “lied” to her and drained both her energy and finances over the course of five years. According to her, she had no idea about his previous arrests, either. And, that WEtv didn’t show her his other mugshots until she came back later to film her commentary – eight months after calling it quits.

The alleged tea from Heather didn’t stop there. Heather claims that one of Dylan’s acquaintances assaulted her. And, that another woman he keeps company with “robbed” her and left a hat with her name embroidered in it. Meanwhile, she alleges Dylan is “experienced in coercion” and is a “predator.”

In addition, Heather said she filed for an order of protection last year against her Love After Lockup ex. But, that a judge denied it. Meanwhile, she said she was thrown out of her apartment “unlawfully.” And, that she was “robbed” and “abused” by her former boyfriend, too. She said she has been living out of her car and various hotels since January following everything that went down between them.

Love After Lockup: Heather - Dylan

Dylan Moves on with New Woman

Love After Lockup felon, Dylan, was with a new woman in recent weeks. And, the pair are all smiles in the latest snaps. So, it’s clear he has someone new. Could the new girlfriend be why he’s so happy?

Dylan is out on parole in their current Love After Lockup storyline. But, it’s clear things went downhill fast for the pair. Moreover, whether or not any of Heather’s claims carry weight is a big question mark in light of these recent allegations. And, she hinted that she may press charges down the line.

Love After Lockup: Dylan

Love After Lockup: Heather Calls Out WEtv

It seems Love After Lockup criminal, Dylan, isn’t the only one to draw Heather’s ire. She set her sights on WEtv, too. Heather insinuated the network misleads when it comes to her storyline with Dylan. According to her, what Love After Lockup viewers see on television is an “altered,” “fake version” of her story the network uses for “profit.”

Production editing for drama is a recurring topic among cast members. According to Heather, the editing twists her words into “false claims.” And, she doesn’t want to be quiet about it. On top of that, it doesn’t look like she plans to back down anytime soon. Heather added that WEtv can sue her for breaking her non-disclosure agreement with current episodes still airing. She claims her version of events is the “truth.” And, it’s clear she sticks to it.

Love After Lockup is currently on a mid-season break. But, with Dylan publicly moving on with a new woman and Heather throwing her ex and the network under the bus with incendiary claims, this sets the stage for a lot of drama in their upcoming storyline when new episodes return.

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