‘Love After Lockup’: Heather Unleashes on Dylan in Jealous Rage

Love After Lockup‘s Heather flies off the handle and rages at Dylan. He just got out of prison on the WEtv show but already, there’s trouble in paradise for the pair. Meanwhile, Heather’s actions could land Dylan behind bars again, too.

Love After Lockup: Heather Not Happy with Dylan

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Heather loses it in new episodes. And she puts Dylan’s freedom at risk. Things got tense at Heather’s aunt’s home – where the pair are supposed to stay. After things escalated, the WEtv pair decided to leave. But, Dylan’s parole officer is supposed to meet him at that address.

After waiting years for Dylan, Heather didn’t like that he wouldn’t give her all the attention she wanted on Love After Lockup. And, she wanted no-holds-barred time in the bedroom without having to worry about her relatives hearing. Things escalated almost immediately after they arrived. And Heather and her man decided to bail.

Love After Lockup: Heather - Dylan

Love After Lockup: Road Rage for Heather – Dylan’s Freedom on the Line?

Even though Dylan just got out, Heather says the situation with him is “disappointing” and “stressful”. And, Love After Lockup spoilers say things heat up with the pair still in the car. Heather was cheated on in the past. So, she certainly has some insecurities to work through. Meanwhile, she flies completely off the handle and takes out all her frustration on her inmate boyfriend, Dylan.

Moreover, things go from bad to worse as the Love After Lockup pair race back to Heather’s aunt’s house to see his parole officer. Even though Dylan is technically out of jail, he isn’t completely out of the woods yet. If he slips up and misses meetings with the officer in charge of his parole, he could end up back behind bars. So, there’s a lot riding on him making this meeting on time.

This all goes down on Love After Lockup hours after Dylan gets out. So, emotions run high. And, Dylan says in spoilers that he’s “nervous”. He wants to make sure he starts things off on the right foot. Meanwhile, showing up late and disorganized isn’t the way he wanted to kick things off.

WEtv Pair Getting Off on the Wrong Foot

Love After Lockup spoilers show Dylan makes it to the meeting just in time. But, there are several red flags that come up between him and Heather following everything that went down prior to the meeting. He doesn’t like Heather’s jealous tendencies – especially since she was jealous of her aunt spending time with him.

So, he worries about how she will handle that insecurity once he is out and about in the world. Meanwhile, Heather has Dylan’s name inked on her in several different languages. And, she believes they are already man and wife in their heads. On the one hand, he recognizes her commitment.

But, at the same time, he feels she puts a lot into their relationship. And, it scares him a little. With all the outbursts WEtv teases in Love After Lockup spoilers, they are in for a bumpy ride in upcoming episodes.

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