‘Love After Lockup’: Dylan Smith Out of Jail

Love After Lockup star Dylan Smith is out of jail, ahead of schedule, and did an interview discussing his long-term plans. Life seems to be looking up for the fan-favorite felon. He’s off parole and starting a new business venture.

Love After Lockup: Dylan Smith Getting His Life Back

Fans of WEtv Love After Lockup last heard about Dylan Smith as he headed back to jail for violating his parole. As previously reported by Soap Dirt, Chicago PD searched his apartment and allegedly found guns, illegal narcotics, and prescription drugs. Dylan said in his interview that he couldn’t talk details but that the things that were allegedly found in his possession were things he wasn’t supposed to have.

But while he was in prison, Dylan Smith of Love After Lockup said he tried to stay in a good place mentally. He read books, such as for marketing and business. Dylan credited new love Marissa and his mother for sending him reading material. He also tried to keep healthy.

Dylan said he exercised and traded his bad food for good food to keep a healthy diet while locked up. The Love After Lockup star said it’s a trading game at mealtimes. So he exchanged his ice cream for vegetables and ate a lot of fish while he was away. But Dylan Smith completed his parole and is now a free man, except for another criminal case that is still pending, which he didn’t give details on, but is likely the new charges from the arrest that violated his parole to start with.

Love After Lockup: Dylan

A New Love & a New Life

Dylan credits his new love, Marissa, with being his rock while he was away from her. Marissa and his mother kept him supplied with books and commissary money, so he didn’t lack for anything. Love After Lockup celeb Dylan Smith explained that when someone goes to jail, they have two choices. They can be angry all the time, or they can try to improve themselves. He chose the second option.

Dylan Smith said he was also touched by Love After Lockup fans who supported him while in jail. He received mail expressing support. One fan really touched his heart when she wrote that he shouldn’t be dealing or using drugs. She told him he’s better than that. Dylan said he didn’t know how much fan support he had until he went back to jail. And although he hasn’t responded to any of them, he kept all the fan mail.

Dylan said in his interview with Sharrell’s World that he really loves Marissa a lot. She helped her Love After Lockup fiance Dylan Smith through his latest jail stint and is still there for him. Dylan Smith and Marissa just started a new business partnership. And he has a couple more things in the works.

Love After Lockup: Dylan Smith

Love After Lockup: Dylan Smith Goes Into Business

Dylan told fans in his recent interview that he and Marissa entered a partnership with a new line of genderless clothing. He modeled one of the leather jackets. According to Dylan Smith of Love After Lockup, British GQ will feature the clothing line in May, June, and July 2021.

Also, Dylan Smith of Love After Lockup said he and Marissa are promoting a line of nutritional supplements. He mentioned some of the supplements are whey proteins, amino, and adrenal support. Dylan said it’s not just performance supplements but also general wellness, so everybody has something to benefit from.

It certainly looks as if WEtv Love After Lockup star Dylan Smith is on the right track to a better future. He’s completed his parole but has one more case pending. He’s promoting a new clothing line and a line of nutritional supplements. His loving fiancee and his mother stood by his side when he was down, and now he seems to be moving in the right direction.

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