‘Love After Lockup’: Dylan Smith Update – Is He Out of Jail?

Love After Lockup star Dylan Smith‘s latest arrest was three weeks ago — but will he spend New Year’s Eve in the slammer? The court hit Heather Gee’s ex with three charges and schedule a court date for just a few days before Christmas. So, does that mean Dylan was out for the holidays? Here’s the latest update on the WEtv felon.

Love After Lockup: First Court Date for Dylan Smith on December 21

Chicago police picked up Dylan Smith on December 10 initially, and the court set bond at $50,000. The court charged him with possession of a controlled substance, a warrant, and a habitual criminal that’s “armed.”

It’s that last charge that’s a big deal for Dylan of Love After Lockup. It’s the most serious felony, particularly for someone who’s out on parole. As Dylan didn’t bond out, he spent the 11 days between his arrest and first day in court in a Chicago-area jail.

But what happened at the late-December hearing? Did someone pay Dylan’s bond so he could be home for Christmas? The answer is no. Dylan Smith was still in the slammer when Santa Claus was dropping off gifts. And it looks like Dylan was definitely on the naughty list.

Love After Lockup: Dylan Smith

When Will WEtv Star Be Out of Jail – Next Action in January

Love After Lockup star Dylan Smith had no luck at his December court date and faces another court date in the New Year. He’s due back in court on January 11, 2021, with the $50k bond still set but unpaid.

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So, that means the Love After Lockup hottie will spend both New Year’s and Christmas in the pokie. 30-year-old reality cast member Dylan might be regretting his actions after enjoying time in the spotlight and out of jail while filming for WEtv.

Before this arrest, Dylan Smith looked to be on the right track. His time with Heather on Love After Lockup was a train-wreck, but then he got a job, a new place, and a new lady in his life. And if you glance at his social now, you wouldn’t know he was in dire straits…

Love After Lockup: Dylan Smith - Paula

Dylan Behind Bars – Who’s Promoting the Love After Lockup Star?

While Dylan Smith remains in jail, you might not know it at a glance. His social channels are busy with photos of him at local hotels and restaurants, thanking people for their support. However, all signs point to his girlfriend, Marissa Marie, keeping up appearances for him.

For now, Dylan from Love After Lockup remains in Division 5 jail near the criminal court building in downtown Chicago. In addition to missing out on Christmas and NYE with his girlfriend, Dylan also missed his mother Paula’s birthday while in jail.

So, check back here for an update on what happens at his next court hearing and whether the Love After Lockup alum will finally get loose. But considering how serious the charges are, there may be much more lockup ahead for Dylan Smith.

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