‘Love After Lockup’: Dylan Smith Shocker – What the Cops Found in His Apartment

Love After Lockup‘s Dylan Smith remains behind bars, and now we know what the police found in his apartment that got his probation yanked. The hot felon is due back in court in just a few days, but it doesn’t look good for the WEtv reality hunk based on what we’re seeing.

Love After Lockup: Police Found Hard Drugs & Guns in Dylan Smith’s Apartment

It looks like Dylan Smith’s fresh start after prison went awry. In December, Chicago police busted into his apartment and found a trove of illegal items. Dylan lives in The Loop, the central downtown area of Chi-town. And he talked about living on the North Side on Love After Lockup.

According to the arrest report, when the police came to Dylan’s place, they found both crack and heroin. There were also two guns there, as well as prescription drugs. Based on what they found, Dylan Smith’s parole was revoked. And that’s why he’s back in jail in Illinois.

On Love After Lockup, Dylan Smith talked about how he was ordered to random drug tests, so the police finding hard-core narcotics in his apartment is a red flag. His last arrest and prison term was for residential burglary, and he was released in May 2020. Now, he’s back in custody.

Love After Lockup: Dylan Smith

WEtv Star Absconder Status – What Drugs Did They Find?

Reportedly, Dylan Smith of Love After Lockup didn’t report to his parole officer. So, the Department of Corrections deemed him an “absconder” (i.e., someone failing parole requirements). From there, parole officers searched for him, and they issued a search warrant.

If the parole-fail wasn’t bad enough, what police reportedly found is more troubling for the Love After Lockup alum. The official report from prosecutors said they found two handguns. An 8-millimeter and a 9-mill – both loaded. Plus, there were drugs allegedly found.

The police report listed Ritalin, Adderall, crack, heroin, and some unidentified pills suspected to be Xanax. So, the outcome for the Love After Lockup hottie looks dire. The court slapped him with a habitual criminal charge, which is a Class X felony. Now, will Dylan Smith get off on these charges?

Love After Lockup: Dylan Smith

Dylan from Love After Lockup Faces Stiff Sentence

As of now, Dylan Smith remains behind bars. The court set his bail at $50,000 but it remains unpaid. In the past, his other convictions were cannabis possession, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, and the burglary charge, which earned him a six-year sentence. Dylan served half of that.

Now the Love After Lockup celeb faces more time behind bars. A Class X felony charge means they could sentence Dylan Smith from 6-30 years in prison. Illinois has a three-strike law for repeat offenders that’s very strict. So, Dylan might be facing years more in prison.

He was originally eligible to get off parole in 2022. But, Dylan only made it about seven months out of lockup before falling back into old habits. So, the big question is whether Dylan Smith can find Love After Lockup again when he gets out of the pokey.

Stay tuned here for updates on the outcome of Dylan’s next court date and his offender status.

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