‘Love After Lockup’: Dylan Smith Dishes on Explosive Scenes with Heather

Love After Lockup‘s Dylan Smith had a lot to say about Heather recently. Their explosive relationship ended in a hurry after he got out of prison. And Dylan dished on some of what went on behind the scenes.

Love After Lockup: Heather Loses it with Dylan Smith

Heather seemed more than ready to begin her life with Dylan Smith on Love After Lockup once he got out. But things took a turn for the worse almost immediately. Heather and her man were supposed to stay with her aunt. But she didn’t like the way Dylan talked to her relative. And she wanted all of his attention after waiting many years to be with him on the outside.

This had a domino effect on the rest of their on-camera relationship as things escalated into a full-blown argument between the pair. Meanwhile, that tension carried over into the following day on Love After Lockup after Dylan was late to the DMV to get his license. He jokingly blamed Heather for taking too long to get ready. That set her off – and that chain of events ended in the pair calling it quits for good.

Dylan Smith dished on some of the things that went on during those dramatic scenes. Dylan said he felt “uncomfortable” out in the real world. And he was very aware of little things like jaywalking, speeding, and littering. In his mind, these were all “red flags” that could send him back to prison.

Meanwhile, Dylan Smith said Heather was “swerving, speeding, and switching in and out of lanes”. And this situation had him “on-edge” the entire time.

Love After Lockup: Dylan - Heather

Love After Lockup Update: Dylan Dishes on Heather – Defends Himself Against Allegations

There has been a lot of mud-slinging and accusations since things imploded for the pair on Love After Lockup. And according to Dylan, he has “photos, videos, and receipts” should he have to “defend himself” against all the allegations floating around.

He claims there was “no nefarious plot” between him and production to make anyone look bad. In addition, he added that everything viewers see between him and Heather is a “fair depiction”.

Dylan Smith said that he saw Heather again after calling it quits on-camera – and they even lived together for a while. Dylan said Heather’s apartment flooded again, and he let her crash with him at his new place. It was only supposed to be temporary. But it turned into an “extended period of time”.

Dylan Smith said the pair were “not together” during this time. And he described the living situation with her as “toxic”. Meanwhile, Dylan claims he tried to help his former girlfriend get back on her feet by getting her jobs within his company. But according to him, she got fired from both gigs.

Love After Lockup: Heather - Dylan

What’s Next for WEtv Star?

Following all the drama with Heather on Love After Lockup, Dylan Smith is in a much better place now. He has a new fiance in his life – and the pair seem happy together as a couple. Interestingly, he added that his new girl knew Heather before he did. And that the women were supposed to meet. But based on what the former inmate said, Heather bailed.

Meanwhile, he seems to live his best life since moving on from his ex-girlfriend. He said everything is “going well” for him. – and that his new girlfriend is “supportive”. He feels that any “animosity or resentment” Heather may have is due to her no longer being part of his life – or anything he currently has going on. Still, he seems content looking to the future and keeping his past with Heather in the past.

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