‘Love After Lockup’: Angela Gail Reveals Her Soulmate

Love After Lockup celeb Angela Gail (Tony’s ex) recently revealed her soulmate. Viewers remember all the drama with Tony in previous seasons. And since then, she found herself a new man. But he doesn’t seem to be her soulmate, either.

Love After Lockup: Who is Her Soulmate? Angela Gail Reveals All

Turns out, Angela’s soulmate is not who Love After Lockup watchers may expect. It isn’t Tony – or her latest inmate boyfriend, Ross. In fact, it’s her bestie. Angela took a smiling photo with her BFF – with Christmas decorations in the background. So it’s clear she embraces the Christmas season and gets into a festive mood.

If her friend looks familiar, it’s because she went with the WEtv celeb to pick out wedding dresses before Angela and Tony walked down the aisle. And she is a former criminal herself.

Meanwhile, with Angela Gail’s tendency to go after Love After Lockup inmates romantically, it makes sense for her to need someone on the outside to lean on. According to Angela Gail, her BFF is both her “soulmate” and “partner in crime”. And she added that together they would keep going “till the wheels fall off”.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail

Love After Lockup Update: Angela Finds Love with Another Inmate

Many Love After Lockup watchers wondered what Angela Gail would do once she finally kicked Tony to the curb. Some fans thought she might find love with someone else. Meanwhile, even though she did that, many think she falls back into the same patterns – especially with dating another inmate.

Ross was first introduced to viewers, following Angela kicking Tony to the curb. Tony and Angela fought and made up often. So, there was always a sense among fans that they could get back together. Meanwhile, she moved on with a new man instead.

The Love After Lockup star got an unexpected phone call from Ross. And he said he is back in prison. This is familiar territory for the therapist. But even though her man is behind bars, Angela seems happy to keep the relationship going.

Recently, Ross made her a bouquet behind bars. And he got creative with the materials available to him on the inside. Certainly, Angela Gail seemed to appreciate the gesture. He made the flowers out of toilet paper. And he colored them using a drink mix powder.

Love After Lockup: Ross - Angela Gail

What’s Next for Tony’s Ex?

New love isn’t the only thing Angela Gail shows off lately. She flashes a new smile with confidence for the camera. A lot of Love After Lockup watchers say how happy she looks. And she certainly seems that way since kicking Tony to the curb for good.

Many Love After Lockup viewers say Angela Gail is a favorite cast member. And many were saddened by the possibility of not seeing her in future content when she confirmed her split from Tony.

Still, depending on how long her new man is behind bars this time around, she could set herself up to appear in future content with him. In the meantime, it’s clear she has people around her to keep her occupied and in good spirits while missing her new guy.

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