‘Love After Lockup’: Angela Gail Gives Details on New Boyfriend Ross

Love After Lockup star Angela Gail shared an update on Ross – her latest inmate love interest. Viewers saw her talking to a new guy after things hit the fan with Tony. And, she recently opened up about her new boyfriend.

Love After Lockup: Another Ex-Con – Angela Gail Finds Love with Ross

Love After Lockup‘s Angela Gail kicked Tony to the curb on the WEtv show. And, with COVID-19 in full swing, she rekindled a romance with another inmate, Ross. Moreover, the former felon was a free man at the time. And, Angela said to Tony that she is in love with her new man. But, things went from bad to worse on the Life After Lockup mid-season finale.

After revealing her true feelings about Ross to Tony on the Love After Lockup spinoff, it seemed like everything was all set for them to start a relationship, officially. But, those plans were put on hold when Ross called Angela Gail from prison. Unfortunately for Angela, Ross is back behind bars. So, any plans she has have to wait.

Love After Lockup: Ross

Love After Lockup Update: Angela Talks About New Inmate Boyfriend

Love After Lockup cast member Angela Gail recently gave up some details about Ross. And, things don’t look good for her latest felon flame. Angela said he is in jail and needing some outside “interaction”. Even worse, she said he is currently “in the hole”. And, he only gets one hour a day out of his cell.

Angela Gail says that’s okay if he talks to other people, including women. She even encourages it. It’s an interesting move given her recent relationship history. Viewers remember she was adamant about Tony not talking to other women. And, she went through his phone a number of times when she felt he was talking to other women behind her back. But, it seems she has no issues with people talking to Ross.

According to Love After Lockup celeb, Angela, Ross has only his bible to keep him company. So, it looks like he could use some other reading material to go along with that. She said Ross is a “chill dude”. And, that he is open to any and all conversation – Love After Lockup followers included.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail - Ross

WEtv Star Repeating the Same Pattern?

There are a lot of similarities between Angela Gail’s Love After Lockup story with Tony and Ross. In addition, after everything she went through with Tony, many viewers think she repeats the same pattern with her new man. And, even her friend, Tommy, is of a similar mind. Tommy wanted Angela to stop chasing inmates. But, it’s clear she has her mind made up.

Currently, there’s no telling how long Ross will be behind bars. On the Love After Lockup program spinoff, he told Angela Gail that police picked him up. His charges include battery against a police officer and resisting arrest. Ross maintains his innocence. And, that’s what he told Angela on the WEtv spinoff. But, it looks like he will stay behind bars for the foreseeable future.

In addition, after years with Tony, Angela is familiar with keeping a relationship going with someone behind bars. And, some watchers wonder why she’d put herself in a similar situation. Meanwhile, this is especially true after the way things ended with Tony. Still, it looks like she plans to stick by Ross. And, with her inmate boyfriend in jail, this could set up future Love After Lockup content with Angela and her new man, too.

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