‘Life After Lockup’: Tony Confronts Angela About New Felon Boyfriend

Life After Lockup‘s Tony corners Angela Gail and asks her about her new felon boyfriend in the WEtv mid-season finale. Things hit the fan for the troubled couple soon after they walked down the aisle. They went from bad to worse when Tony ditched her and Angela found herself a new man. And, Tony isn’t happy about it.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Is Angela Gail Talking to New Man Behind Tony’s Back?

Life After Lockup spoilers for the mid-season finale say Tony confronts Angela Gail about her new felon love. Angela Gail started talking to another former inmate – similar to the way she met Tony. And, it seems like she repeats the same pattern with someone new. Meanwhile, Tony isn’t happy about it when he finds out.

When this Life After Lockup season picked up, Angela Gail and Tony hadn’t talked in months. And, Angela Gail said in previous episodes that she’s “lonely” after how things hit the fan with Tony. Still, it didn’t take her long to latch onto another felon.

Angela Gail said in previous Life After Lockup content that she met her new man (Ross) before she was involved with Tony. And, now that she and Tony are over, she has the green light to pursue things with him. But, Tony says in Life After Lockup spoilers that Angela talked to her new guy behind his back. And, even though he and Angela are technically over, he is livid.

Life After Lockup: Tony - Angela Gail

Life After Lockup: Why Does Brittany Dodd Santiago Fear Going Back to Prison?

Brittany invited her mom to move in with her and Marcelino Santiago in their Las Vegas home. They have a broken relationship after her mother abandoned Brittany when she was younger. And, Marcelino Santiago’s wife wants to rebuild that relationship. But, her mother falls back into bad habits. And, Brittany doesn’t want to put herself or her family in danger.

Brittany’s mom ditched her when she was supposed to watch her grandchildren. And, Life After Lockup spoilers report that situation escalates. Brittany says she could wind up back in prison. And, spoiler clips show her in tears.

In addition, Andrea Edwards confronts Lamar Jackson’s brother, Dulow, about smoking marijuana around her son. Andrea worried about her children getting exposed to bad influences in California. And, it’s clear that already happened. Andrea says in Life After Lockup spoilers that they’re going to have a “come to Jesus moment” as she confronts Lamar’s brother. And, the situation is tense during this sit-down.

Life After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago - Cindy

Sarah Simmons Finally Done with Michael Simmons?

Sarah Simmons dropped the new boyfriend bombshell on Michael Simmons on Life After Lockup. And, this happened during their daughter’s first birthday party. Sarah wanted to introduce both men prior to the party. But, Michael was a no-show. Meanwhile, things escalate in spoiler clips. And, Sarah Simmons tells her former flame not to contact her anymore. So, it looks like they’re finally done after years of drama.

Life After Lockup mid-season spoilers also tease more drama for Shane Whitlow and his wife. Lacey tries getting pregnant with in vitro fertilization. And, the happy couple revealed last week that the procedure was successful. But, spoilers leave things on a cliffhanger for the husband and wife. Shane Whitlow has a “holy sh**” reaction when he gets a piece of paper. But, WEtv doesn’t reveal what it says. So, viewers have to tune in to find out what happens.

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