‘Life After Lockup’: Tony on the Outs – Angela Gail Has New Man?

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Tony is on the outs with Angela Gail and, she may have a new man. The four-part WEtv spinoff picks up following the couple’s wedding. But, already, there are issues in their young marriage.

Life After Lockup: Tony & Angela Gail Fight Again

Tony and Angela Gail go through cycles of him messing up and winning her back. And, Life After Lockup sources say it’s more of the same for this high-drama duo. Tony has trouble controlling his impulses. It’s something that gets him in trouble often. And, it looks like he did something else to get under her skin.

Life After Lockup source reports Tony tried everything he could do to smooth-talk his way back to Angela Gail’s good side. But, teasers say she may finally be done with her convict husband. Many viewers wondered when enough would be enough, and the pair would throw in the towel. And, it looks like they reach that point in new episodes.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail - Tony

Angela Moving on with a New Man?

Meanwhile, marital woes aren’t the only concern for Tony and wife Angela Gail in upcoming Life After Lockup content. Spoilers say she has eyes for another convict that she has known for years—even before walking down the aisle with her husband. It’s clear Angela has a thing for criminals. And, she may have already found Tony’s replacement.

At one point in spoilers for Life After Lockup, Angela Gail waves a bat in Tony’s face. And, she says the only reason she lets him stay at her house is because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tony reiterates in teaser clips that the pair are still man and wife. But, it looks like Angela is finally done.

Life After Lockup: What to Expect from New Season

WEtv confirmed recently that Angela and hubby Tony split. There was speculation for weeks that the couple went their separate ways. They stopped posting joint updates online. And, Tony stayed busy promoting his business selling candles and bath products.

Meanwhile, even though Tony and bride Angela Gail may be over romantically, it’s clear they are still in each other’s lives. Tony’s feline friend recently gave birth to another litter of kittens. And, when Life After Lockup watchers called for him to get the cat fixed, Angela chimed in. She said the cat was hers and that they both take care of her and the kittens. So, they’re clearly still in close proximity.

Moreover, knowing the pair split heading into the fresh Life After Lockup episodes, it’s likely viewers will see more of what went into the pair, eventually throwing in the towel. Many viewers comment on how this split was a long time coming. Meanwhile, whether or not WEtv shows a glimpse of Angela’s new man is definitely worth tuning in to see.

New episodes of Life After Lockup are back on Friday, September 11 on WEtv.

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