‘Love After Lockup’: Tony Cheating on Angela Gail – Cast Members Weigh In

Love After Lockup celeb Tony has a wandering eye – will he cheat on wife Angela Gail? Tony’s womanizing ways are well documented on the WEtv show and its spinoff, Life After Lockup. And, recently, fellow celebs gave their thoughts on whether or not he will cheat. What did they have to say?

Love After Lockup: Celebs React to Tony’s Cheating Ways

Many Love After Lockup stars think it’s only a matter of time before Tony cheats on Angela Gail. Megan thinks the idea of Tony cheating on Angela with prostitutes is especially “ugh”. And, she believes he won’t stay faithful to his wife based on his previous behavior. Meanwhile, Brittany Dodd Santiago says straying from your partner is the “ultimate betrayal”.

Sarah Simmons thinks Angela Gail and hubby Tony “go off of each other perfectly”. The pair often go through cycles of breaking and making up. And, something like finding Tony’s things burning in the front yard is not out of the question for these two

But, they do seem to come back to one another eventually. Whether or not that’s healthy is also another common topic among Love After Lockup fans when it comes to this couple.

LALU: Josh Hyatt Weighs In on Angela Gail’s Relationship

Tony really hurt Angela Gail on Life After Lockup. And, after she took him back, she made him abide by a strict set of rules. Viewers remember the list she put on the refrigerator. She even made him sign it if he wanted to live under her roof. Ultimately, even with his poor impulse control, Angela gave him another chance.

Josh said Angela Gail was “riding pretty tough” when it came to Tony. And, he is surprised their relationship got this far. The pair married on the most recent season of Life After Lockup. But, like Josh Hyatt, many viewers were surprised things even got to that point for the pair.

What’s Next for the Love After Lockup Husband and Wife?

One aspect fueling the Tony cheating speculation is his recent activity online. He is busy growing his online business. And, he often does live videos promoting his products and recruiting people to join. And, Angela is noticeably absent from Tony’s business ventures.

Tony and bride Angela Gail appear on an upcoming Love After Lockup quarantine spinoff. So, that’s certainly something to watch for more insight into their current marriage dynamic. Instead of a full production crew, the cast members film themselves for this spinoff. So, it’ll be a more intimate look at fan-favorite pairs.

Currently, it seems like the Love After Lockup pair are still happy in their marriage. But, it doesn’t look like Tony’s fellow castmates have faith in the longevity of their relationship. Despite their numerous ups and downs, they seem to make things work so far. But, it’s worth watching if they keep that going for the long haul.

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