‘Love After Lockup’: Angela Flaunts Special Gift from New Boyfriend

Love After Lockup star Angela Gail is once again showing off her new relationship with Ross. After she and Tony decided to end things, she now seems to be happy with her new boyfriend.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Gail Finds New Love with Convict

Love After Lockup lead Angela Gail called it quits with Tony. After ending the relationship, Angela reached out to yet another inmate. When she first contacted Ross, he wasn’t being held in jail.

During Love After Lockup, it seemed like Ross and Angela were aiming to start up a relationship together. However, this plan quickly got interrupted. This is because Ross was sent to prison again. This left fans wondering if Angela Gail and Ross were going to get into a relationship at all.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail

Latest Relationship Update for This Celeb

Now, Angela shows off her new connection every chance she gets. Just recently, she’s taking to sharing a picture of her new boyfriend. This latest visit is while Ross is still in jail. Yet, it doesn’t seem like prison is stopping the Love After Lockup duo from connecting.

Angela Gail evenly proudly boasts that Ross gave her flowers. He brought these flowers to a video call that they shared together. She goes on to explain that he made the roses from toilet paper.

He colored the petals of the roses red from a powdered drink mix. Love After Lockup‘s Angela reveals that this is impressive to her. She even goes as far as calling this effort “very creative”.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail

Love After Lockup: Next Moves for Angela Gail

Love After Lockup celebrity Angela Gail talks a lot about the incarceration of her new companion. She says that Ross is a really great writer. Angela Gail opens up about how she enjoys the stories that Ross writes for her.

Despite the jealous side that Angela has shown on Love After Lockup, she opens up about how she encourages Ross to talk to women. This is so that he can get enough human interaction while in prison.

The effort that she’s putting out to get a human connection for Ross makes it very clear how she feels about Ross. And it doesn’t seem like her recent split from her husband, Tony, has stopped this Love After Lockup personality from seeking a new relationship.

Plus, there’s a history between Angela and her new boyfriend. Not many people know this, but the two knew each other before she and Tony even got married.

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