‘Love After Lockup’: Angela Counsels Andrea on Marriage

Love After Lockup celeb Andrea Edwards recently reached out to fellow star Angela Gail for some marriage advice. And, it looks like the WEtv women bonded over the experience. Both Angela and Andrea have had issues with their former felon men. And, it looks like they found some common ground. What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards’ Complicated History with Lamar Jackson

Whether Andrea and Lamar Jackson are still together is an ongoing question among Love After Lockup watchers. Even though they’ve been together for years and share Andrea’s youngest daughter, their relationship has lots of high-drama moments.

Viewers see many of these ups and downs on Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup. In addition, Andrea shared some cryptic updates with her followers in recent months. Putting this all together, there’s doubt when it comes to their relationship status.

Meanwhile, things often get physical for the pair. And, Andrea Edwards even said on-camera that Love After Lockup husband Lamar came into her life and “destroyed” it. These volatile, roller coaster moments are par for the course when it comes to this couple. But, many viewers wonder if one of these times will be the final straw.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Chantell - Lamar Jackson

LALU: Andrea Seeks Marriage Advice from Angela Gail

Luckily for Andrea Edwards, she didn’t have to look far to find help. Tony’s Love After Lockup wife, Angela Gail, recently helped her fellow cast member from Utah. And, it looks like whatever Angela told Andrea worked. Because, Andrea recently gushed about Angela Gail to her followers. Moreover, she said how much she helped her.

Even though Love After Lockup fans know Angela Gail for doing things like setting Tony’s things on fire in the front yard, she is a therapist by day. And, it’s clear she helped Andrea Edwards out. She said it was nothing but “high joy” and “good vibrations” spending time with Angela Gail – not to mention the LALU crossover as an added bonus.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards - Angela Gail

Lamar Still with his Love After Lockup Lady?

Things don’t look good for Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson in recent months. Even though they’ve been together a long time, they have some serious fights. And, viewers only see the ones WEtv cameras catch.

Andrea often posts asking fans for relationship advice. And, she shares cryptic song lyrics and questions whether she’d do it all again, knowing what she knows now. Things like this only fuel the split chatter among Love After Lockup followers. Meanwhile, adding even more fuel to the fire, it looks like Lamar Jackson deleted his social media.

Even with all the uncertainty surrounding their relationship status, it looks like Andrea Edwards doesn’t give up. The fact that she sought help from Angela Gail with her marriage means she isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel just yet. And, that also means there’s still some hope to hang onto.

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