‘Life After Lockup’: Lamar Jackson Has Tips on Surviving Lockdown

Life After Lockup star Lamar Jackson shared five tips on surviving lockdown in a new video. Lamar spent 18 years in prison. Out of those years, he was stuck in his cell for half of it. So, he has come up with ways to keep busy and active while sitting behind bars. Many places around the world are currently on lockdown. Due to the recent virus outbreak. Being stuck indoors can get tough. So, here are five tips according to Lamar to help combat cabin fever.

Life After Lockup: Lamar Jackson Says Books and Food Are Essential

While in solitary confinement, Lamar Jackson was all about reading books. His first tip is to “read up.” He said that “you got to keep your mind right.” So, it is important to always have a book on hand to read. Lamar said to “read a nice book and get your religion on.” Whatever genre it may be, reading is a great way to keep busy while in lockdown.

The Life After Lockup reality star also made sure he had a ton of food while he was confined to his cell. Lamar Jackson’s second tip is to “load up.” He said to stock up on non-perishable foods. He also said to make sure to have some meat, soups, rice, and beans. Easy-to-make meals are ideal.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson - Andrea Edwards - Life After Lockup

Love After Lockup Alum Lamar Focuses on Hygiene and Physique

Lamar Jackson’s third tip is to “wash up.” Personal hygiene is crucial. He said that you “got to keep your hygiene up.” This is why it’s important to have body wash, soaps, toothpaste, and other must-have toiletries. But, make sure to put them all to good use.

The Life After Lockup alum spent a lot of time working on his fitness while behind bars. So, Lamar Jackson’s fourth tip is to “shape up.” It is important to stay active. He said, “get your exercise on.” Try doing exercises that don’t include equipment. Since there might not be a treadmill available. Lamar suggested doing push-ups and other easy movements.

LAL Celeb Makes Time to Relax

While in prison, inmates have a lot of free time. Lamar Jackson’s last tip for surviving prison lockdown is to “wind down.” He said to take time to calm down. For Lamar, he would drink a bottle of “hooch” to relax. This prison made drink gave him the chance to unwind. The Life After Lockup celeb also said to find some sort of entertainment. Surely, his entertainment was calling his wife Andrea Edwards.

The Life After Lockup cast member is now living in the free world. But, Lamar Jackson hasn’t forgotten how he was able to stay sane during his sentence. Fans last saw as Lamar and his spouse Andrea Edwards decided to live in Los Angeles. Everyone in the city is in self-quarantine. So, there a good chance Lamar will be following his tips.

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