‘Little People Big World’: Amy Roloff Emotionally Torn Apart -Delivers Bad News to Fans

Little People Big World star Amy Roloff reveals that she’s torn apart with emotions as she delivers some bad news to her fans. Especially those folks who hoped to meet her in the next few weeks at the Roloff Farm.

Amy Roloff won’t make it to a final couple of weekends of the pumpkin season at the Roloff Farm. The harvest of the pumpkins has grown into a tradition for the Little People Big World fans. Many come to the farm hoping to meet the family.

Amy won’t be there for the final few weeks. While this is bad news for her fans, they show an understanding of what Amy feels today. They wish her well in social media comments.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Struggles with Emotions

Amy decided to reveal her plans to the visitors who look forward to seeing the Little People Big World matriarch each year. She said she can’t finish off the remainder of the pumpkin season weekends as her mother’s death has her emotions “torn” today.

Just days after getting engaged to longtime boyfriend, Chris Marek, her mom died. Last month, Patricia Knight, Amy Roloff’s mother, passed away after battling health issues.

The 86-year-old Little People Big World grandmother had been in and out of the hospital for almost half the year due to her illness. Now almost a month later, Amy finds herself with a state of mind she describes as mixed emotions.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

Sadness Surrounds You Than Happiness Pushes Its Way In

Amy Roloff attended her mother’s memorial service on Thursday in Michigan. Then she plans to spend time with her father. What Amy experiences today is something many people experience after a loved one dies following a painful illness.

Polarized emotions seep in and it’s not easy to wrap your head around the way you feel. This Little People Big World mom explained her state of mind in a recent post.

She describes the way she feels today as “torn with my emotions”. Amy also said how she is so sad over the loss of her mother. But at the same time, that feeling of relief and happiness emerges as her mom no longer experiences pain.

Amy revealed in an interview last June that her mom was hospitalized with heart problems. The star of  Little People Big World, however, didn’t go into detail about the cause of her mom’s death.

Little People Big World: Catch Those Moments While You Can

Amy struggles with the sadness of missing her mom vs the happiness she feels for her mom. That happiness comes from the realization her mom’s not in pain anymore and who is now “with the Lord”.  While she struggles with these mixed emotions she does feel the need to spend some time with her dad.

The Little People Big World celeb reminds her fans to let their loved ones know every day that you love them. Then Amy Roloff shares how she’ll spend some time visiting her dad. It seems her mom’s passing made things all too real for Amy when it comes to life being so short.

Amy Roloff said, “Life is but a moment” and she suggests you collect as many of those moments as you can. It looks like the Little People Big World reality star is planning to collect a few of those moments with her dad following her mom’s memorial.

Amy explains despite the sadness she feels, she finds comfort in the memories she has of her mom.

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