‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Missed as Matt Makes Caryn His Pumpkin Helper

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff had a mixed weekend of sorrow and memories at her mom’s funeral while Matt Roloff held down the farm. Amy and the kids spent the weekend in Michigan attending services for her mom, Patricia Knight. But Matt was at the farm for the big pumpkin season. Although he did offer a nice tribute to his ex-mother-in-law online.

While Amy Roloff was missed by fans at the pumpkin event, they seem to understand what she’s going through today. Amy offered her thoughts recently about how she’s struggling with her emotions.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Torn Emotionally

Amy Roloff shared with LPBW followers how her emotions were torn since losing her mom. Patricia Knight died September 24 after she was in and out of the hospital for the last several months. Amy explained to her Little People, Big World fans how she worked through her mixed emotions over her mom’s death.

While sadness seeped in because she misses her mom terribly, happiness also surfaced for Amy. She feels happiness and relief when realizing her mom no longer feels pain. It sounded as if Amy Roloff really struggled with this mixed bag of feelings.

Little People Big World: Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff

Amy to Miss Final Days of the Pumpkin Season

Amy Roloff told the fans of Little People, Big World that she would continue to miss the rest of the season for the pumpkins at the farm. After her mom’s services this weekend, Amy decided to spend some time with her dad. The pumpkin season at the Roloff Farm is a big deal for the Little People, Big World viewers. Some folks make the pilgrimage from quite the distance just to get the chance to meet the much-loved Roloffs.

Many of the Little People, Big World fans make it a point to go to the Roloff Farm for their pumpkins. But most of all, Roloff family enthusiasts like to meet the people they diligently make time to watch on the TLC show. So while LPBW fans were disappointed Amy Roloff wouldn’t be at the farm, they seemed to totally understand why.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Picks Up the Slack With Caryn Chandler’s Help

Matt Roloff took the time to pay tribute to his former mother-in-law online over the weekend. The The Little People, Big World patriarch posted his thoughts about the woman who raised Amy and about the mother-in-law who Matt loved very much as well.

It sounds like this weekend marked the last two days of the Little People, Big World pumpkin season. Matt Roloff was there and he shared several photos online. In one photo, he’s with longtime girlfriend Caryn Chandler. The two look like they’re cuddled together in the crisp air of the fall season.

Matt writes in the caption “Look who came out and helped at the pumpkin patch today.” He went on to tell a story of how he and Caryn were within earshot of a little boy. As he made his way out of the farm he had something to say. He turned and said to his family that this was his best day ever. Matt describes how that made him and Caryn smile.

Moving Forward

Back in 2015, Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff filed for divorce and jointly split their assets. This includes Roloff Farms and R Pumpkin Productions, so it stands to reason that both Amy and Matt make their way to the farm for the pumpkin season every year. While this year Amy sold a good chunk of the farm back to Matt, but kept half the pumpkin patch and the land her house is on, but is house hunting.

In 2017 both Matt Roloff and his ex-wife Amy found new love interests. Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler started dating that year. Then Amy Roloff met Chris Marek, who recently popped the question to the Little People, Big World celeb. The two became engaged shortly before Amy’s mom died.

Amy reported that the kids and Chris joined her in Michigan for her mom’s funeral. But they all planned to go back home except for Amy. She decided to stay with her dad for a while. Reports put Amy and Matt having a cordial relationship these days after the end of their 27 years of marriage. Although it seems that a good portion of their communication centers on their kids.

Since the pumpkin season is a family affair, Amy expected to be there. But apparently her emotional struggle over her mom’s death kept her away for some of the season. This weekend marks the end of the pumpkin patch. So neither Matt or Amy need to worry about the event until next year again.

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