‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Believes Matt Was Seeing Caryn Before Their Split

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff says she thinks ex-husband Matt Roloff was involved with Caryn Chandler while she they were still married. LPBW fans know that Amy and Matt are no longer together. However, a resurfaced Facebook Live video revealed that she thinks Matt had his eye on Caryn Chandler before they got a divorce. Caryn was a former farm employee. However, she no longer works on the farm. Some Little People, Big World fans think Amy may have been bitter at the time towards Matt’s new relationship with Caryn.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Reveals Relationship Issue With Ex-Husband

Amy Roloff took to social media to discuss her relationship with Matt Roloff. During this resurfaced clip, Amy claimed that her ex-husband might have sparked things with Caryn Chandler while they were still married and actively a couple. She explained that it can be hard when your spouse starts looking for someone new while you’re still together. She believed that this may have the case for her relationship with Matt.

The Little People, Big World reality star revealed that they had an employee work for the farm for a very long time. She insinuated that the employee is Caryn. From her perspective, Amy thought that “there was more than just friends going on”. Then, she said it came “to a point where that got in the way of our marriage”.

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But TLC Star Is Not A Bitter Ex

Little People, Big World fans did not hide the fact that they felt like Amy Roloff was bitter about Matt’s new relationship. However, she expressed during the Facebook Live that was not the case. Instead, she thinks the editing of the show is to blame for her bitter portrayal. She was not mad or sad that he found someone new. It was the editing that made it look that way. As reality show fans know, TLC is known for “creative” editing.

Amy Roloff wasn’t upset that Matt Roloff is dating Caryn. She was more upset with how their relationship began. According to Amy, “that’s what hurt and unfortunately may have caused me to be a little bitter”. It was tough for Amy to deal with. It’s never easy seeing your ex move on. Especially when it is with someone you’ve known (and trusted) for a very long time.

Little People, Big World: Parents Find New Love

Since their divorce, both of the Little People, Big World farm owners have moved on and found love again. Amy Roloff started dating Chris Marek. The couple have been together for over two years. Chris has met Amy’s parents and family during a trip to Michigan. He also gets a long with Amy’s children. Things seem to be going great for Amy and Chris.

As for Matt Roloff, he and Caryn Chandler are still dating. However, Caryn no longer works for the farm. Matt and Caryn have a house together in Arizona, where they spend time together away from the farm. Matt has met Caryn’s children and gets along with them as well.

On the bright side, Matt and Amy are able to put their past aside for the sake of their family. They have been able to be friendly with one another. Whether or not Matt and Amy both maintain ownership of the farm, they will still be cordial for the future of the Roloff family.

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