‘Little People Big World’ Finale Spoilers: Amy Roloff Reveals Big Decision About Farm

Little People, Big World spoilers for the finale show Amy Roloff makes her big decision about the farm. She shared on social media that her agreement with Matt Roloff will be announced during the season finale. It has not been easy for Matt and Amy to come to a conclusion about the future of the farm. Although, now it seems like the pair have come to a fair agreement. However, fans will have to wait a little longer to find out since there is still one more episode until the season finale on TLC.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Faces Big Decision

Amy Roloff has co-owned the farm with her ex-husband Matt for almost 30 years. It has been the home where she raised all four of her children. It holds a special place in her heart. However, since her split with Matt, she has been dealing with the decision of either staying on the farm or leaving. Making a decision like this cannot be easy.

The reality star expressed throughout the season her concerns about leaving the farm. Amy is aware that if she is to leave the farm she may never step a foot back on the property again. Stepping away from the farm is not ideal. However, she feels like the farm house is too big for her. Therefore, she looks at other options. as shown in Little People, Big World spoilers.

TLC Star Comes To A Conclusion

Amy Roloff has a few options when it comes to her decision about the farm. Her ex-husband Matt suggested a buyout. In which she would sell her share of the farm. However, Amy suggested switching sides. Meaning that Matt would live on the property with the big farm house. While Amy would live on the property where Matt is living. Some fans want to know why she doesn’t just move in with her boyfriend Chris Marek.

Little People, Big World season finale spoilers reveal that a decision is made about the future of the farm. According to a social media post by Amy she has come to a conclusion. She said on Instagram that “the big decision is almost here. I know a long time in the making, but I do make one in the end”. The final decision will be revealed on the season finale airing on June 4.

LPBW Alum Responds To Opinionated Fans

Amy Roloff spent the Little People, Big World season figuring out her next move. It took her a long time to come to a decision. Therefore, some fans are upset that the whole season revolved around her decision making process. Many fans started to feel bad for Matt. Having to wait on Amy to make a decision was frustrating to watch.

LPBW season finale spoilers indicate that Amy has made her decision and it will not affect Matt. Amy responded to a fan online and wrote that they will see the finale episode. She assured social followers that Matt is not going to suffer and “he’ll be fine”. Perhaps Amy does accept the buyout? Find out how Matt and Amy Roloff come to their decision by watching the last two episodes of LPBW on TLC.

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