‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Offers Advice about Following Your Dreams

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff takes to social media to offer advice about following your dreams. Amy has gone through a lot of changes in her life, but some of her dreams have stayed the same. For her having a dream is very important. Having a dream motivates you. Amy believes that being static can make someone dull. Find something to pursue or challenge yourself. To discuss more about her challenges as a little person Amy wrote a book called “A Little Me.”

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Admits Dreams Have Changed

Amy Roloff believes that it is important to follow your dreams. No matter how small or big they may be. These goals may change over time and that is normal. She explains during her live chat that as she gets older her aspirations change. She says some of her dreams have stayed the same, but they have been a bit altered.

The Little People, Big World reality star admits that her dream was to be married and have children. However, since her and Matt Roloff got a divorce her dream has been altered. Amy explains that getting a divorce has made her look at life differently. When asked what her dream is now she says she is happy with where she is in life after divorce.

Importance Of Facing Your Fears

Amy Roloff explains during her live stream that it is very important to face your fears. Sometimes your fears can stop you from achieving something. Amy says that in order to achieve your dreams sometimes it takes giving everything you got. Even if that means doing things you never thought you could.

The Little People, Big World farm owner reveals that her biggest fear was people not liking her. She feared that if she didn’t do things for someone they wouldn’t like her. However, this made her a people pleaser. When trying to please everyone else it can make someone forget to please themselves.

“A Little Me” Author Releasing Book Soon

Amy Roloff is releasing  her book “A Little Me” this June. In the book Amy reveals what it was like growing up as a little person. She shares the struggles and obstacles she had to overcome when dealing with certain issues. The book addresses bullying, body image issues and navigating life built for an average-size person.

The Little People, Big World author reminds fans during her stream that she is holding a contest. The contest winner will get notify by receiving a phone call from Amy herself. The prize includes the opportunity for the winner and a guest to visit Roloff Farm and meet Amy. To enter the contest pre-order Amy’s book.

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