‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Reveals Rescue Dog Falls Ill During Hectic Time

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff revealed that her rescue dog fell ill. The timing is not the greatest since Amy is in the middle of a very busy time in her life. Since leaving the farm, she has been going through a lot of changes. One is that she is moving off the farm. House hunting hasn’t been easy for Amy. Surely, going on a motorcycle trip with her boyfriend would help Amy get her mind off of things. However, finding out that Felix is sick isn’t the best news to come home to.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Shows Felix Love Online

Living on a farm, Amy Roloff was always around many different types of animals. From goats to chickens. Although there is one animal on the farm that has a special place in her heart. Felix, Amy’s dog that she rescued. As seen on the show, Felix would never leave Amy’s side.

The Little People, Big World reality star has dedicated numerous Instagram posts to Felix. She admitted that she is “not sure who rescued who, but Felix is a wonderful fur friend in my world.” In another post, she expressed that she “can’t imagine Felix not being w/me.” Therefore, the news that Felix is ill is not ideal.

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LPBW’s Amy Roloff Shares Felix Update

Amy Roloff shared devastating news about Felix on social media. She explained that she just came back from a motorcycle getaway with Chris Marek. However, she added that Felix was dealing with an illness during that time. Amy stated that she is “trying to figure out what’s wrong” with Felix.

The Little People, Big World alum told fans online that she isn’t too sure what is wrong with Felix. However, she believes that it “may be a kidney issue.” She expressed her concern that he got sick on Thursday. However, she hasn’t seen any improvement with his health. It is hard seeing a fur family member sick and not knowing how to help. To make things worse, this sad news comes during a very hectic time for Amy.

TLC’s ‘Little People, Big World’ Celeb Extremely Busy During Difficult Time

Amy Roloff has always had a very busy schedule. Living and working on a farm isn’t easy. Even though Amy sold a portion of the farm to her ex-husband Matt Roloff, she is still involved in events that take place on the farm. Therefore, she finds herself dealing with a hectic schedule. Although, she tries to make time for her personal life while dealing with work issues.

The Little People, Big World TLC star is dealing with Felix’s illness during a very busy time. Amy is currently planning her son Jacob Roloff’s wedding. Amy is also still looking for a new place to call home. She even has an upcoming speaking engagement in Minnesota. All while she is trying to nurse her dog back to health. However, Amy stays hopeful that “it’s all going to work out.” Hopefully, Felix gets better soon.

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