‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff And Chris Marek Victimized By Editing

Little People, Big World couple Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are the latest to call out editing. Seems the crew at TLC  is to blame for portraying them in a bad light. Amy and Chris have been together for just about three years now. In fact, the much in love pair just celebrated their anniversary this past week. Then, Amy Roloff made a seemingly innocent post about their latest adventure. This caused quite a commotion on Instagram. Amy Roloff is very open with her fans. However, her response revealed something none of her loyal followers expected.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff And Chris Marek Celebrate Milestone

LPBW star Amy Roloff is happily celebrating a huge milestone. She and boyfriend Chris Marek are officially a couple for three years. And what better way to mark the occasion than with a road trip getaway weekend. Of course, the duo took off on Chris’s motorcycle. This recreated a fantastic memory for the Little People, Big World dating pair. They took that same route on their first big motorcycle trip. The scenic ride took the couple up to the White Salmon River and the Klickitat valley. Amy shares that the second time was, “a spectacular fantastic and memorable ride once again.”

The Little People, Big World mom certainly is enjoying her second act. The last few years of her marriage to Matt Roloff were far from happy. So it’s wonderful to see a fun and playful side of this grandmother of two. Although this ride and getaway were for their third anniversary, the couple was not alone. They were joined by a group of friends who wanted to be part of their celebration weekend.

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LPBW: Amy Roloff Claims Editing Made Chris Marek Look Bad

Little People, Big World matriarch had a few choice words for the editing team assigned to her long-running TLC show. As fans were commenting on Amy’s post, one asked a question that when answered revealed a shocking claim. A LPBW fan not so coyly asked the TLC celeb, “Did he leave you alone in a restaurant again?” Since this was a repeat trip that comment was a backhanded way of reminding Amy that Chris ditched her for an unexplained lengthy duration at a restaurant back in a scene from season 18. Well, Amy shot back a response that was quite an eye-opener. She said, “no and it’s amazing what editing can make a story into “.

So, clearly, the LPBW reality mom has an issue with how she and Chris are edited. She claims they edit her to over-dramatize events for ratings. Just goes to prove that all we see on the episodes is not a true representation of what actually happened. Amy Roloff admitted she and Chris did have an argument and he did step away from the table. However, the way Little People, Big World production edited it looked like he ditched his lady-love. Certainly, not the way Amy or Chris recall that incident.

Little People, Big World: Amy Updates Fans On Relationship Status

LPBW fans had many questions for Amy Roloff about what’s next for her and Chris Marek. Since the season finale of Little People, Big World a few months ago, fans were left thinking Amy was moving off the farm. Again, that was also an over-exaggeration of editing. Amy is not moving off the farm. She did, however, sell an interest in one of the shared parcels to ex-husband Matt so he could have free rein to modify his house without permission from Amy.

So, Amy and Chris are happy the way their relationship stands right now. The two are not living together as many fans hoped. They do see each other on the weekends when their schedules allow. For now, they are just enjoying dating each other. Regardless their fans are surely in their corner.

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