‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Leaving The Farm – Goes House Hunting

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is leaving the Roloff farm. She is ready for a new adventure and that means leaving the place she has called home for 25 years. With the buyout decision made, Amy has started to look for a new place to call home. However, Amy will not be moving off the farm until later this year. She wants to ensure that her son Jacob Roloff gets to have his wedding on the farm. An idea that ex-husband Matt Roloff isn’t supposedly to supportive of. Will Amy be able to start a new life off of the farm?

‘Little People, Big World’ Update: Amy Roloff Ready For New Start

During the season finale of Little People, Big World Amy Roloff accepted the buyout option for the farm. This meant that she would sell her share of the farm to Matt. However, Matt explained online that Amy would still live in her house until she decides to leave. He added that “at that time we will jointly work to sell the side she lives on together.” Well it looks like that time has come.

According to Amy Roloff, she is ready for her “second act” as she likes to call it on social media. Amy is ready for her next adventure. She revealed online that she has been getting rid of some of her belongings to prepare for the move. It looks like her second act includes moving off the Roloff farm. She wrote “it’s scary to move and exciting at the same time to find a new home i’ll call my own.”

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TLC Star Looks For New Home

Amy Roloff has been searching for a place she can call home for the last six months. The Little People, Big World mother admitted that it has not been easy finding the perfect house. Amy stated that it has been challenging. She added that she doesn’t “want to settle for anything.” Therefore, the house hunting continues.

The Little People, Big World alum revealed that she thought she found a house that she could make a home again. However, Amy “got beat out again by a higher offer.” However, she is trying to be patient. She believed that she didn’t get the house because “it wasn’t meant to be yet.”

Amy Stays On Farm For Son’s Wedding

When Amy Roloff decided to take the buyout she only sold her share of the land where Matt’s DW trailer is located. Therefore, she is still part owner of the main farm. Even though she plans on moving out of the farm house. Amy and Matt agreed that she would be moved out by the beginning of November. She wanted to make sure that her son would be able to say his vows on the family farm.

The Little People, Big World TLC reality star hinted that Matt Roloff didn’t want Jacob to get married on the farm. Amy stated in a video that  Matt “kind of suggested” that Jacob wasn’t getting married on the old farm. Therefore, to make sure the wedding does take place on the farm Jacob is having his wedding in September. This way the couple can tie the knot before Amy gives up her share.

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