‘Little People Big World’: Matt Roloff Explains Amy Roloff Buyout – TLC Edits Upset Fans

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff took to Instagram to clarify the outcome of the buyout between he and Amy Roloff. Viewers thought that accepting the buyout meant Amy was leaving the farm for good. However, this is not the case at all. According to Matt, Amy will still live in the big house on the farm. Did TLC dramatize the buyout situation for ratings? Many fans seem to think so.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Clarifies Farm Buyout Option

Matt Roloff explained on social media the buyout outcome shown on LPBW. He stated that Amy sold him half the farm. Matt is now the sole owner of the land where his double wide trailer rests. It is also the side of the land where Matt is currently living. He clarified the sale didn’t include the house where she lives or the pumpkin patch. The original farmstead is still 50/50 owned by both Matt Roloff and his ex Amy Roloff.

The Little People, Big World farmer assured fans that the only change to the farm is to give him title to the land where his trailer is so that he can make remodeling adjustments as he needs for his homestead. Now, Matt Roloff owns the DW trailer land. So, he can make the necessary changes to it to better fit his needs. Matt wants to make the trailer more accessible like his Arizona home. Some improvements may include lowering the kitchen and installing a walk-in shower.

Amy Roloff Remains On The Roloff Family Farm

Amy Roloff decided to take the buyout option as shown on LPBW. Shown in Matt Roloff’s Insta post, this means she stays in her house and on the farm. She is also still a co-owner of the main farm “until she decides to leave” wrote Matt. When she does want to leave, the two revealed that Matt and Amy will then work together to decide what to do.

The Little People, Big World author may have sold off some of the Roloff land, however she still has a lot to look forward to. Amy is occupied with the release of her new book. She recently released a new book titled “A Little Me”. With her decision about the farm made, she is ready to move on. It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for Amy Roloff.

TLC Over-Dramatized Buyout Deal?

Viewers watched on Little People, Big World as Amy Roloff came to her conclusion about her future on the farm. When she accepted the buyout, fans thought Amy was leaving for good. Because that is how TLC made it seem. However, now we know that isn’t the case – straight from Matt Roloff himself. So, fans are confused as to why the network dramatized the whole situation. There’s little doubt it was for ratings.

LPBW fans commented online their thoughts about the network’s portrayal of the buyout. One fan believed that Amy way leaving the land altogether. Since “Amy was very upset and even cried because she had so many memories there”, reminded the viewer. Another fan questioned “so when Amy said there would be no reason to come back to the farm it was all for TV?” On the bright-side, Pumpkin season is still a go. So, keep watching.

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