‘Life After Lockup’: Clint’s Mom Alice Goes Ham on Fans as He Confesses New Crime

Life After Lockup cast member Clint Brady recently confessed to a new crime online, and his mother Alice Brady beat back the haters and defended her son. Many LALU fans know Clint has a history of bad decisions – including drug use. But, what did he do this time — and, what did his mother have to say?

Life After Lockup: Clint Brady Totals Car While Texting – Fans Flip

It looks like Clint Brady recently totaled his car and confessed it involved a crime. Plus, Clint revealed texting while driving led to the accident. As an added kicker, he said the incident happened while texting “her” – his estranged wife Tracie Wagaman.

In the meantime, Love After Lockup alum Clint Brady confirmed he got to rent a car while his vehicle is in the repair shop. He worried he might be black-listed since Tracie Wagaman made off with his rental car on their wedding night. Then, Clint worried he’d have to pay for it. But, it turns out he score a rental while his vehicle was in the body shop, according to the Life After Lockup star.

Life After Lockup: Clint Brady

LALU: Alice Brady Defends Her Son Against Trolls

Many Life After Lockup viewers slammed Clint Brady for texting and driving. Then, Alice Brady defended her son – and went off on some viewers. Next, a Love After Lockup follower called Alice Brady a “nut” and said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Clint Brady.

Meanwhile, Alice Brady thanked the follower for the added revenue from them watching Life After Lockup. Then, Alice said the viewer’s a “typical hater”. And, she suggested the person hates their life, and that’s why they’re online posting harsh comments.

Another Life After Lockup fan called out Alice Brady for “enabling” her son. Many watchers think Clint’s parents bail him out too much. We’ve seen Clint call his mother whenever things hit the fan. And, some LALU fans think their tolerance encourages more bad behavior.

Even though Clint Brady’s parents have his back on Life After Lockup, it looks like Alice Brady and his father dish out tough love to their son. Recently, Clint celebrated his birthday and said he wishes his parents “pay attention” to him as much as fans assume. Now, even when he’s far from home, his mom Alice Brady’s still got his back.

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Life After Lockup: What’s Next for Clint?

Texting while driving is no joke. Lucky for Clint Brady, in Ohio, they don’t crack down on as harshly as other states. Luckily, it doesn’t look like there were any other parties involved in the crash that ruined his car. But, given Clint Brady’s history, it seems like he’d try and avoid all criminal activity.

However, Clint laughed the incident off with Life After Lockup followers. And, he seemed to joke that texting and driving is something he’ll continue. Clint Brady said he can’t make any “promises” or “guarantees” that he wouldn’t do it again.

Meanwhile, he wants a divorce from his Life After Lockup spouse Tracie Wagaman. So, it’ll be interesting to see if his bad behavior continues once she’s out of his life for good. Clint also confirmed he’s living in an apartment in Ohio that his mom Alice Brady signed for as the guarantor.

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