‘Love after Lockup’: Clint Brady Talks Drugs, New Love, and Mental Illness – Plus, Reveals His Soulmate

Love After Lockup star Clint Brady talked about rumors about him and wife Tracie Wagaman in an interview with Katie of Without A Crystal Ball. Clint discusses Tracie’s claims that he’s on drugs and with a new woman.

Love After Lockup Update: Clint Brady Clarifies Rumors on Lady Friend Genoveve

Love After Lockup’s Clint Brady talks about what he calls false information about his friend Genoveve.

Clint’s Love After Lockup bride Tracie’s latest statements suggests Clint and Genoveve are an item. However, Clint said, “Gen and I are just friends. She understands me and I understand her. Whenever I have a bad day or a rough day I go to her. She seems to know me the best. We’re just friends.”

When asked if there is anything romantic at all about their relationship. Clint’s response was, “No, because I’m still married.”

“And, I’m not trying to get myself into any more trouble than I already am.” Also, Genoveve says “I’m not doing this for clout”, and, she’s “not a fan of Love After Lockup.” She’s close with Clint because she can relate to what he deals with because her mother is an addict as well. It was two people who go through the same thing. “I was there for him and he was there for me”. Plus, she says her 16 year old daughter has juvenile arthritis and a failing colon. So, she spends more time at the children’s hospital than anywhere else.

Is Clint Divorcing Tracie Wagaman?

Genoveve also says, “I love him [Love After Lockup celeb Clint Brady] as my best friend in the whole world. I don’t know what will happen down the road, Clint doesn’t know either. But we will be in each other’s lives forever because he saved my life and I saved his. No doubt, they bonded by through a crappy time and they can relate to each other. Genoveve says, “People are getting it misconstrued, there was never any affair. At all.”

However, Clint Brady said he does plan to divorce Tracie Wagaman as soon as possible.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady on His Mental Illness

Clint Brady wants to address an issue that’s important to him as well as Genoveve. Recently, Clint was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and just got on meds for it. In the past, viewers have posted that he must be on meth because he talks so fast. This drives Genoveve crazy and she wants to clarify the reason he talks like that is because of his bipolar disorder. She says “No, he’s bipolar and he just started medication so until that levels in his system he’s going to talk fast.”

Katie says Clint’s impulsiveness and erratic behavior that is seen on the show can now be explained because he is bipolar. However, Genoveve says it gets interpreted as meth use which upsets her. But if you’re going through a manic state you will be more likely to get angry, lash out and act on impulse which we saw a lot of from Clint on Love After Lockup. Clint states, “it’s hard to live with it and deal with it but I’m doing it and she is too.”

Turns out, Genoveve is bipolar as well and was diagnosed with it 10 years ago. Right now, Clint’s in therapy and working with his doctor because he wants to better himself. He has a great support system with a small group of friends. Also, he prays a lot and takes his meds and he strives to learn new things every day. Now, Clint is eager to get back to living a simple life but he doesn’t regret his time on Love After Lockup one bit. He says “it’s been a blessing and a curse.”

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady

Love After Lockup Dirt: Clint Speaks Out About Drugs and His True “Soulmate”

Tracie of Love After Lockup claims Clint and Genoveve do “ice” and that they do it around her children. They both say that is “absolutely not true.” Clint says he “will do whatever it takes to prove I’m not using.”

Clint says, “she’s just trying to take the attention off of herself and her lies.”

Love After Lockup alum, Clint Brady, also says Tracie is not sober and wants to paint him as not sober to make him the bad guy.

Clint says, “She tries to accuse me of doing hard core drugs and nothing could be further from the truth.” I don’t do any hardcore drugs, I hate hardcore drugs. They ruin lives. I’m away from all that. I love my Mary Jane. That’s all I want in life, ya know?” Tracie is living with a new guy who bailed her out out of jail. Clint adds, “She doesn’t know how to live life sober to be honest with you.”

As for his true soulmate? Clint says it’s pot. Yep, Mary Jane is his real soulmate.

WEtv Star Has Only Minor Arrests and No Felonies

Also, he speaks out about his two arrests. He says he is all done with one, all he had to do was spend the night in jail and pay a $310 ticket. And, the second is being taken care of by his attorney. He says, “I have zero felonies on my record and I want to keep it that way.” Right now Clint’s focus is to work on his mental health, take care of himself, and get away from the chaos. So, it seems not all Tracie says is accurate and Clint Brady looks like he’s on the right path. See the full interview above.

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