‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady Starting New Business – Tracie Looking Worse for Wear

Love After Lockup‘s Clint Brady is starting a new business venture, while Tracie Wagaman looks worse for wear. Clint recently teased on Instagram that a new business is coming soon. Clint Brady has been relatively quiet of late. Meanwhile, Tracie recently posted another pic on Instagram that got fans talking. What’s the latest for this LAL couple?

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Posts New Insta Pic

Tracie Wagaman posted a new snap on IG that has followers talking. Tracie is back on the pipe. It seems that her crack habit is taking a toll on her physical appearance and her health. Over the last few weeks, Tracie Wagaman has been posting updates on IG. With each update, she looks skinnier and worse off than the last. Her most recent snap is perhaps the most worrying of all.

Tracie Wagaman claims that she now weighs 110 pounds. Many Love After Lockup viewers are horrified by this most recent update. Fans commented that Tracie looks like something out of The Walking Dead. Some viewers made fun of Tracie for being a bit heavier when the current LAL season began. Now, the script is completely different. Many viewers worry that her weight is out of control on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Instagram

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady’s New Business

Love After Lockup watchers wonder where Clint Brady fits into all of this. He is relatively quiet on social media and hasn’t gotten involved publicly in the discussion about Tracie Wagaman’s weight loss and drug addiction. Interestingly, he recently took to IG to announce he’s starting up a business. As of right now, his Insta account only has 10 posts and just under 4k followers. Perhaps he’s only getting around to using his online accounts now.

It’s unclear what his new business endeavor is or what it entails. He only mentioned that he has something in the pipeline. Even with this good news, that hasn’t stopped the haters from coming out of the woodwork. A lot of internet users are digging up Clint’s alleged past deeds. One person even claimed that Clint Brady was somehow involved in the death of her sister (Clint’s second wife).

At present it’s unknown if these claims carry any weight. Even so, its gotten to a point where Clint’s mother took to social media to defend her son. She clapped back at all the negativity directed at Clint Brady. Tracie and Clint have been a popular target since their season of Love After Lockup began. Whether or not there is any truth to these accusations, it’s more than enough fodder to get the fan base riled up.

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What’s Next for the Pair?

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Clint Brady’s new enterprise is. As of right now, there isn’t much known about it other than that he has something coming soon. As for Tracie Wagaman, her drop in weight is definitely something to keep an eye on as well. Tracie defends her weight loss and her addiction online, but it may get to a point where outside intervention is necessary if she continues down the path she’s on.

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