‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Tracie Wagaman Behind Bars – Clint Brady Without His Goddess

Life After Lockup spoilers report Tracie Wagaman locked up and Clint Brady without her. While the rest of the returning cast members are continuing their lives on the outside, Tracie is back where she started. Meanwhile, this weighs on those closest to her like husband Clint Brady – and his mom, Alice Brady. What else do Love After Lockup spoilers clips reveal?

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Tracie Wagaman in Jail

Life After Lockup spoilers prior to the new season starting showed Clint Brady’s wife, Tracie Wagaman. in prison. The season picks up right around her most recent arrest back in September of 2019. She was nabbed for possession of a controlled substance. And, it was big Love After Lockup news when it broke. A major selling point leading up to this season of Life After Lockup was getting to see the fallout from that.

Life After Lockup teasers reveal Tracie Wagaman behind bars. And, Clint Brady and mom Alice Brady dealing with the aftermath on the outside. Clint was picked up along with Tracie Wagaman. He was let go the following day with lesser charges. But, Tracie wasn’t so lucky. With as much hype as this Love After Lockup storyline got leading up to the new episodes, it will be interesting to see what cameras picked up.

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LAL: Problems Continue for Tracie and Clint Brady

Tracie Wagaman was released following her most recent arrest. But, the Love After Lockup star still has pending charges to contend with. In the meantime, she’s not out of the woods yet. And, it’s not just Tracie struggling. Her Life After Lockup husband Clint Brady has had a hard time too. And, both revealed publicly that they’re still using drugs. Along with that, there have been back and forth split rumors for the pair. They said they’re continuing to work through their issues. But, things seemed to go from bad to worse for the pair off-camera.

Meanwhile, Alice Brady (Clint Brady’s mother) has something to say in Life After Lockup spoilers. She tells her son that Tracie Wagaman has “a void in her life”. And, that she’s trying to “fill it with the drug”. Alice and Tracie got into it online a few weeks ago over Tracie ditching rehab. And, there was speculation among Love After Lockup fans that Alice had enough and kicked them both out of her house. It’s clear Clint’s mom is no longer a fan of Tracie.

More Trouble for Love After Lockup Duo?

One episode into the brand new installment of the WEtv show, cameras have yet to catch up with Tracie Wagaman and hubby Clint Brady. But, Life After Lockup spoilers report drama is in store. Love After Lockup watchers have been wanting to know more about what went on behind the scenes during Tracie Wagaman’s most recent arrest. So, hopefully the show delivers. This storyline has been hyped quite a bit leading up to the new season. So, it’ll be interesting to see what goes down.

Meanwhile, Tracie said the Life After Lockup pair would be doing Cameo videos together back in December 2019. But, it looks like it’s just Clint Brady and not with Tracie Wagaman. He has been doing the last few videos by himself. And, he said on more than one occasion that Tracie Wagaman is “unable” to do Love After Lockup Cameo vides with him.

On top of that, Tracie hasn’t updated her Instagram in over a month. Clint Brady said he is “without his goddess” but didn’t elaborate further. Clint said in his most recent Cameo that she is “bettering herself”. So, it’s possible she could be back in rehab. Certainly, it’ll be worth keeping an eye on this situation to see what happens next.

Catch a brand new episode of Life After Lockup, Friday night on the WE tv channel.

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