‘Life After Lockup’: Clint and Tracie Selling All Their Stuff – Moving or Desperate for Cash?’

Life After Lockup‘s Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman seem to be preparing for big things ahead. It appears Tracie is having herself an online garage sale of sorts. She’s selling a bunch of items and says it’s because they’re ready to relocate. In addition, the happy couple recently got matching tattoos. Are they moving on to bigger and better things? Or is this virtual garage sale a warning flag that things are going off the rails? What’s the latest on this pair?

Life After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Selling a Bunch of Items Online

It looks like Tracie Wagaman has a handful of items for sale online. It seems the former inmate is taking the everything must go approach when it comes to getting rid of these household items. Everything from dressers to kitchen appliances is on the table. Clint Brady and spouse Tracie Wagaman are even selling their television. With such a large cache of items, some Life After Lockup fans are concerned.

Some Life After Lockup watchers worry Tracie Wagaman will use the money from the sale of these items to buy drugs. Clint’s goddess talks about her drug use openly. There’s certainly a handful of WE tv watchers that worry about what the money will be put toward they make from this virtual garage sale they’re hosting.

Tracie Wagaman went out of her way to reassure her fans, though. She thanked them for their concern. In addition, she said they just have a lot of stuff. She also said they’re hoping to move. It seems she knew how fans would react and nipped things in the bud straight away.

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Life After Lockup: Clint Brady and His Goddess Get Reciprocal Ink

In addition to wanting to move, it seems Clint Brady and his wife Tracie Wagaman reached another milestone in their relationship. The pair got each other’s names tattooed on their arms. For many couples, this can be the kiss of death if things go south. But, the duo seem confident enough with where their relationship is headed to ink it permanently.

Love After Lockup fans know Tracie Wagaman has a lot of tattoos. In fact, she is still in the running to become Inked Magazine’s Cover Girl of 2019. Currently, the Love After Lockup cast member is still eligible to walk away with the top prize. In addition to being on the cover of the magazine, the winner gets a $25,000 check. Tracie said she would use it for a down payment on a house if she wins.

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Clint and Tracie in a Good Place – Just Selling Lots of Their Stuff…

It looks like things are going well for the Love After Lockup couple in real-time. On the current season of Life After Lockup, things are still tense between Tracie Wagaman and Alice Brady – Clint’s mom. Certainly, it looks like they’ve worked through those issues and both seem to be in a good place now.

Tracie admitted she really wanted to turn her life around after getting off parole. And, Clint Brady said he wanted to live happily ever after with Tracie. Are they on their way to doing just that?

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