‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin Violates Court Order – Could It End Her TV Career?

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin defied a court order regarding her minor children. She failed to comply with the terms set forth by her recent court battle with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin. This bold move could land this reality television in star in legal hot water. What did Kate Gosselin neglect to do that likely has her television career on a long hiatus? Jon Gosselin seems to hold all the cards these days. Here’s what we know in the ongoing war between these two bitter exes.

Kate Plus 8 Update: Kate Gosselin Held In Contempt Of Court

Jon Gosselin took this ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, to court earlier this year to keep her from filming their minor children without his consent. The judge agreed with Jon that it’s not in the children’s best interest to be filmed for television shows like Kate Plus 8. However, if Kate submitted a filming schedule to the court and Jon agrees, the kids could be filmed.

But Kate Gosselin blatantly defied the court order. Four of the couples 15-year-old sextuplets, Aaden Gosselin, Joel Gosselin, Leah Gosselin, and Alexis Gosselin were filmed for a TLC special that aired this October. Additionally, Kate Plus 8 production did not have proper working papers needed for a minor to work in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Jon’s Ex-Wife Put On Legal Notice

Reality TV series like Kate Plus 8 have been Kate Gosselin’s bread and butter for as long as anyone can recall. Without the show, her source of income would probably end. And it’s a lot of money for the TLC and Discovery channel star. Since her divorce from Jon, he had sole custody of the kids and didn’t need his consent to film her kids for any show. However, the courts recently reinstated Jon’s rights. It’s now his mission to keep his children off of television so they can lead normal lives.

Should Kate wish to have the children be a part of Kate Plus 8 or any of her future projects, she must petition the court in writing for Jon’s permission. However it unlikely he will grant it. And now his ex is on notice. If she violates the court order again she could face jail time.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin’s Reality Future Doomed?

The Kate Plus 8 mom’s future in reality television might be over if she plans to use her children as part of any future projects. Jon Gosselin is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep his children off  TLC’s cameras. Plus the courts of law and public opinion are both firmly on his side. It’s evident these exes are not able to co-parent successfully. Thankfully the courts have stepped in to help them navigate their differences on this subject.

However, Kate Gosselin can pursue projects that feature herself solo. Also, she can have her adult college-age twin daughter, Madelyn Gosselin and Cara Gosselin, film as they are of the age of consent. However, when it comes to the sextuplets she has custody of, Jon will never sign work permits. So if she wants all her kids to film with her again she’s going to have to wait for a few years till all eight children are eighteen and legally can make that decision on for themselves.

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